Happy Teachers Day…

5 September, 2010


When I watched the young saplings in a nursery and critically analyzed the love and care that would go into making these saplings flowers of beauty and joy, I could understand the love and devotion that a young sapling needs to transform it into a young one–ready to take on the world. And this is what a teacher ought to do when she is given charge of young children who need all the love and care in the world so that they learn all those values which would help them to decide and differentiate between good and bad in the big wide world!

Today is 5th September, and I dedicate my respect to the teachers who introduced me to the world of letters, the world of values and sincerity. Walking past the Daynand Public School which used to be my school, I always, silently thnak my teachers who have been instrumental in making me what I am today.

Today is the time for self-introspection as well. It is time to question my own self and to objectively analyze my role as a teacher. I can honestly proclaim that I have been as true to my calling as a teacher as I could be. Looking back at a long inning of teaching, I can say with satisfaction that I did my job sincerety and am satisfied with it.

Given a choice of choosing a profession for me now or in a life hereafter, I would prefer to be a teacher only! And that is the beauty of the profession.

Happy teachers day to all who stand by what they teach and wishes for the others to take a stand at the times of trial as it is at such times that your real character comes  to fore! And as a teacher you have to herald the coming of a new society–a value based society free of corruption.

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