A Picture speaks much more than words…

Tuesday, 9 November, 2010

Yesterday I posted some pictures on my blog and I am sure my readers would be intrigued by those pictures as to an outsider these pictures are just ordinary pictures but to an insider these pictures are of a historic moment. Here is the context:

Descending Down into earth...

It was late afternoon. The time for me to take a long walk to the town. These long walks have become a routine for me as otherwise I sit throughout the day working on my Laptop. I was getting ready when was suddenly surprised to hear the ringing of the bells. Where could the bells be ringing. The sound seemed like the temple bells. How could there be a temple on the campus, a temple that I was so ignorant of. The sound of the bells seemed very near to my residence. I peeped out of the window and was surprised to see a number of vehicles parked on the road. To my amazement, I saw a group of devotees ascending the stairs to the temple, the stairs which still were under construction. My curiosity was aroused and I moved to a position where from I could capture a better view of the devotees. it is not just everyday that you come across devotees lining for a temple which is still in the process of being completed. While waiting for the entourage of devotees, I wondered how could an educational institute get a temple constructed in its boundary and that too officially inaugurated by the Institute’s Head? Some miracle of the God, for sure.

As I carry my camera on my long walks everyday for who knows where and when would I get a marvelous picture, so the camera was with me. And believe me I did get some best shots that day. It was not a group of devotees but some people about whom less I write better it would be but still the pictures tell more than my word would say. And honestly I started believing that a picture speaks more than words especially if it is a picture taken of a moment when there are no other photographers around! :0

The Wound is still fresh and bleeding even after a full year…

12 December, 2009

I had thought that a full year is a long time to forget some happenings in my life which were not ordinary and very unpleasant but today on the 12th day of December, 2009, I find it strange to experience that the excruciating pain that some wounds had given me a full one year back, is still fresh and bleeding. And I decided to openly write about all the hell that I was made to suffer and may grope to find the reasons and people who are the cause of my pain.

It was 12 December, 2008 when finally some members of our group decided to go to Delhi and apprise the power that be of the grave irregularities around us. We were invited officially to have a talk. But even after a year when I try to find out the outcome of the “talk” I find, except the still bleeding wound, there is nothing worthwhile that can be talked of. If you wonder why have I taken so long to break my silence, the answer is that somehow I was a fool to have believed in the basic goodness of all human beings. But now I know for certain that there are people who are capable of doing anything if it serves their selfish petty interests and regretfully many of them were around me “a-dime-a dozen”!

Perhaps this much is sufficient for 12 december, 2008 the day when I was packing my things for a journey. What happened next, I would write in the next post.