About Me

This blog is a quest to find all that makes ME!

And after a long time I have come to realize that I am a fighter, a valkyre, a crusader and a warrior; and while playing all these roles, I suffer a lot. But surprisingly all these sufferings make me stronger and more determined to take on to fresh assaults against the corrupt. Come and join my cause and we’ll be proud of making India what it ought to be!

I can be contacted at sarojrajput@gmail.com


35 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, again!
    We corresponded briefly this late Spring. At last, we, my wife and I, are in Mashobra, having arrived late on the 19th and here until the 12th of August. I feel as if I am back in college: Six books read in a week, 20 pages written.

    Perhaps we could meet?

    All best,


  2. BlueHornbill

    I happened upon your blog couple of months back while searching facts about Mandi. since then I am a regular reader. I specially love your travelogues, tits and bits about himachali culture, and letters to your children.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Vinod Kumar Rathore

    I was lucky enough to read everlasting Impressions. It was a co-incidence as I was searching for Sandha – the village from where my ancestors migrated a long back.Really very touching story.KEEP it up…

  4. I am Himachali from Hamirpur and currently working on “Mission Green Delhi” Project….which is also known as “Green Screen of Delhi” …. initiated by Himachali in Delhi. “Mission Green Delhi” provides “Certified Green Human” certification, which is enjoyed by lot of people from Delhi and Himachal.

  5. Dear Saroj,
    I do hope you recall our having met in Mashobra last year. Looking at the photos of the house and region, I realize it was for certain one of the most uplifting experiences I’ve enjoyed and absorbed thus far. This August finds us as a family back in India. We will be in Mumbai briefly and then in Kerala for the month. I know you are north, but one never knows if you might find yourself near our digs. Here all proceeds well: I just sold another book; I run, walk, cook, walk my two dogs, read, and see mentally ill patients. Give a holler! Best, Scott

  6. shashi

    Hello Saroj ji,

    I just read about Simsaa maata Ji.Saroj Ji my Mother in law went to Simsa maata Ji temple on Last month. and she got the dream that maaa ji is giving coconut to her.So could you please tell me How many days its will take to prove thr truth of dream.We are trying for baby from last 5 year.I have a strong believe on my maata ji,but I just want to know when this dream come true.


    From Shubhasis Ballav ( 1986-1990 batch),presently in Durgapur[W.B.]… Still remember that affectionate smile mam ;used to feel from inside ,moments of those past 4 years through your blog.Mam , something pinches even after so many years after finding names of classmates & teachers like you …

  8. sumit kumar rai

    क्या कोई है जो अपनी भूमि पर छोटे अथवा बड़े पैमाने पर विश्व में दर्शनीय अनोखा विषय-आधारित उद्यान, अद्वितीय जीवंत संग्रहालय, अभूतपूर्व जीवंन्त कक्षा, पर्यटन-केन्द्र अथवा इन अनोखे विषय में रोपणी अथवा हरित प्रेरणास्रोत स्थापित करने का इच्छुक हो? 91ः9425605432 सुमित, मैं बौद्धिकरूपेण सम्पूर्ण सहायता करने को तत्पर हूँ

  9. Ashish Guleria

    Jai Mata di, jai Bhole Nata

    Hello saroj mame aap kaa blog dekha bahut he sunder treake sae apne har ek jagha kae bare mae puri jankari di hae. maine apka shukreya karta hoo ki aap nae etni khas jankari sabhi kae sath share ki hae. or aap kae blog kae boo 3 words bahut khas hae

    (feelings, emotions and experiences)

    mata rani or bhole naath ki kirpa aap par bani rahe jai hooo bhakt ki




    Happened to read your blog today.. am to leave for Shimla tomorrow for a Shanti Path of my friends mother..I am truly transported to your world… and yet it was my world too in the seventies and eighties.. and all those memories are a flood.. and all those actions and events and places.. my growing up days have much in common for my home was but a stones throw away . thank you for your efforts in penning your reminiscences

  12. Dear Saroj ji, wonderful article. Around the same time as you did, I too did a trek from the same base village to Parashar Lake. I had gone there just for a day, but made friends with the caretaker of the Forest Guest House and the village priest Amar Singh and stayed on for over 6 days. Did a couple of treks further up the Forest guest house.

    The following year I came to have a look at the annual Fair. It was amazing too with hundreds of shops and thousands of people from across the state. The arrival of all deities from all over Himachal was a sight worth seeing although the rain tried to play spoil sport but the people still kept pouring in ! Thanks for re-living the same memories all over again.


  13. Ashish Chander Sharma

    Dear Ma’m,

    Net surfing brought me to your page without any other acquaintance. I read the blogs especially your school days. Its my pleasure to share the fact that I’m also an alumni of Dayanand Public School Shimla(1992-2005). This school is one of the best schools of the region and has enlightened a lot many lives by imbibing in its students the spirit and attitude of its own kind.

    Your blogs are awesome. They are so lively that any reader can easily get engrossed in them.

    Ashish Chander Sharma

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