Europe Diary: Silent and Serene…Eindhoven Neighborhoods

The first thing that I noticed in the morning at Eindhoven neighborhood is the silence and serenity prevailing around me! There was no sound of someone using “kundi-Danda”  (pestle) to pound “adrak” to make “Masala chai“!!

And where were the kids of the neighborhood? How could a neighborhood be so quiet? I thought of life back at home in a small town in Himachal, India, where we get up, or say, are forced to get up from deep slumber because a fervent Bhakt would sound the conch shell to wake up the sleeping God!! The neighborhood back home will come to life suddenly with the shrieks of kids of all size, color and shape and of-course age as well. Leave alone kids, the elders would be equally shouting at the top of their voice to announce to the whole neighborhood “I am awake and around!”

But why was this neighborhood so serene and silent here in Eindhoven? A little inquiry made me realize the secret to the peace and serenity prevailing around.

People RESPECT your right to live in peace. Although there are no written laws for it but no-one would even use a lawn mower on a Sunday till as late as 10 a.m. so that others who might be enjoying some more time in bed may not be disturbed. No-one would, in similar manner, use any machine or gadget even like vacuum cleaner late in the evening when others might be needing time to relax!

If you have a right to do what pleases you, in your home; others, too, have a right to live in peace in their home! Such a small basic rule makes the life so serene and peaceful in a Eindhoven neighborhood!

Would it be too much if we make a small beginning by respecting others’ right to live in peace and maintain some serenity and tranquility in our surroundings, back home, as well. I am sure the peace of the surrounding would travel inwards as well.

Lets take one small step…one at a time!!