Two Different Worlds in India that is Bharat…

Recently I had an opportunity to observe the life in India as is seen on any Railway station of a big city. I was on my way to Latur in Maharashtra. Latur always generates gory pictures of earthquake of 1992 and I had a keen desire to see how people in Latur had reconstructed their life and property on the remains of earthquake shattered place. As Latur is not connected by air so I had to board a train from Pune to Latur. I landed at Pune airport at 4-20 p.m. and straight way went to the Railway station. Though my train Latur Express was at 00-35 a.m. , I decided to sit and watch people at Pune railway station.The result was a great revelation–an eye opener for a person like me. I had a glimpse of India and Bharat at Pune railway station.

I saw people of India which of course are smart, savvy and literate if not really educated. There were some four couples. Four young boys and four young girls. I have not added the prefix “beautiful” to girls as they were not beautiful at least to my understanding of beauty! One of the boys had to board a train and the other seven persons had  come to say him goodbye. As i have said earlier it was a group of four couples! They behaved like couples. One of the girls in the group was behaving as if her boyfriend was leaving for a war at the Indian border. She would hug the boy so many times, kiss him and fondle him in a very endearing manner, in plain electric light and in presence of so many people waiting for their trains at the Pune railway station’s platform number one! Not that I am averse to two young persons falling in a relationship but the open display of affection and that too in a very affectating manner was too much for me to digest. I made a right choice and moved to another platform.

At the other platform, I saw two very young kids sleeping under a tattered remains of a blanket. Their father was sleeping on one side and was in the same blanket. I found something moving under the blanket and was worried that a stray dog may not have slipped under the same blanket. There were many stray dogs on the platform and it was very cold that evening. Suddenly, I saw a thin wrist, a woman’s wrist with bangles peeping from a side of the tattered blanket. Oh! the man had three kids, I thought. But I was wrong. It was his wife or may be partner in life. She was so thin that was barely seen to be inside the blanket. All four of them were under one blanket. The woman was cuddled close to her man. And it all seemed very obscene to persons on the platform. They shouted at the poor family and asked them to behave properly. The woman silently moved to the side of the kids and the moral policing platoon was silent now.

I thought hard and plain. When the jean clad group of youngsters were behaving in what I perceived to be obscene manner, the moral police brigade kept quiet. They seemed not to notice all that was plain and clear for all to see, it was because these young people were the face of India–educated, elite and modern students of a professional  course that abound Pune in large numbers. Their anonymity gives them a fair chance and freedom to behave the way they please. No one says a thing to them.

On the other hand the poor family belonged to Bharat. They were supposed to behave in a suitable manner like an Indian family. Whether they had a home for shelter, something to eat or some blankets to cover themselves in, was nobody’s business. But they had to live according to the accepted ways of the society.

One country–two rules. Yes , it is because we live in India that is Bharat!

Jai HInd!


20102010—A Great Number Indeed…



When my little one said to me, “I looked so much like you”, it was the best compliment that I could have had from my daughter. I was elated. If your daughter respects you for what you are and loves the way you look, that is the best achievement of your life. God has been so kind to me in this part of my life. I remember another of our picture where both of us were in black chiffon sarees and we looked so much alike! And today on her B’day she chose to wear another black saree. It was not that she had mush choice but she had only this saree with her and that too courtesy her sister.

And before I forget to mention let me tell that we share another thing and that is our nick-name. I am called Kaloo by my parents and she was named Kaloo by me so that again brings another similarity common to both of us.

Well Kali is the name of Shakti in the form of destruction and I know that both of us have been instrumental in destruction what seems to us detrimental to the law of nature. So my dear little one, you not only look like me, you have developed your personality which is much similar to me. You got some of it genetically and some of it was acquired by my rearing which was unique in a manner. I, your Maa, wish the very best of life to you on your B’day! And thanks so much for coming in my life and being there for me as and when I needed you. More than being a mother to you, you have been playing the role of a mother to me and I am grateful to you for all that you have done for both of us.

Happy B’day dear!

The Death of Bhishma, the Warrior…

April 03, 2007

It was Bhishma’s body that was killed by Arjuna during the famous Mahabharata war as he had died the day Amba asked the Dharma knowing Bhishma for the reasons for her abductions.

The Death of Bhishma, the Warrior…

A fiery Amba

A sneering Amba

Epitome of vile

Hatred and despise,

stares hard

with burning eyes

At the grandiose

he-man of the Kurus

strong, invincible,

stoic and impregnable

esteemed Dharma Guru.

Ganga Putra, Bhishma.

Standing still,

shocked and immobile

Bowed headed

Lips sealed

Eyes cast downward

The warrior’s arms

Limp and flaccid

Lack the strength

The show of manliness

That they displayed

In the royal court

Pulling and putting

defenceless and fragile

Damsels three

Making them slaves

Of his will free.

But today

He stands shamed

Mute and maimed

When fiery Amba

Epitome of courage

Strength and power

Questions his manhood

His powerful

Actions of glory

Asking for


Of her maidenly right

But the grand man

The Dharma knowing


Could not defeat

The empowered


Frail little princess.

Could not meet

Those fiery eyes

And burnt alive

A death unsung

And unceremonious.

The strength of my Entity!

It will not break me down

As I am not fragile

Like glass

That needs to be

Handled with care!

I am supple

Like a weed

That though might seem

Gentle, kind and weak

Has the strength

To regain and recoup

Its shape and strength

And stands tall

Gracefully to its full length

After every onslaught of wind!

I bend down

To meet the ground

But revert away

If the earth down

Is mushy and muddy

That would seep away

My life force

And would slowly

Make me go deep

Down in the marsh

A life so harsh

That my entity

Might completely crash!

I move away

Gently at first


With force and propel

When held back

Against my will.

I, too, would

Love and court

Entwine with

Rock solid support

That helps me to grow

And let me be

The real me

Though soft and supple

But proud enough to

Have a sway

In cool breeze, wind and storm

Would love to explore

The strength of my



Why you did it to me?

Feburary 20, 2007



You taught me to excel

In academics, sports

And all other


You worked with me

Nights in a row

To help me learn

And to deeply sow

The seed to excel

To win against all

Big or small

Come on top

By doing well

I made you swell

With achievement

And pride.


When it was the time

For me to be a bride

You changed a lot

Teaching me

To fret and rot

But not to make

My lord feel

Small in any way

That I carry

The seed to swell

And sway


By doing so well!

In all spheres of life

I was made to sit

Demure and mute

To look like a doll

All decked and cute

Head covered

Eyes downcast

To look at my feet

And the earth so vast

Or the feet of my lord

Who would hence after

Would trample

My ego

My very being

That you so lovingly

had cared to nurture

Without seeing

What was held

By my future.

Why did you teach me

To excel and aim high

Why the dream was


In my dreamy eyes

That aimed at the

Open and vast skies.

If all I needed was

Tears and sighs

To look at the earth

And rejoice in the

Mirth and the glee

Of having made

Another wife

Another “She”


Women and weak? You must be joking!

February 20, 2007

A woman acts.

Weak, humble and docile

A touch-me-not and fragile

While beginning her life

That would have strife

If only she acted otherwise.

So what is the harm?

If she befools

Them who think to be

Powerful, strong and virile

And let them rejoice

In the fake world

Of illusory pride

That fills the male stride

With egoistic confidence

That they rejoice


A creature that needs

Support and care

To live in the world

But is she really

Weak and fragile

Can she not walk

That extra mile

That would announce

Her coming center stage

She can stand, walk, run

Can laugh heartedly

Jeer and make fun

Of all those

Who think of her as weak

But she has the heart

Rule her mind

Making her disposition

Gentle and kind

She laughs away

Under the sleeves

Stares hard

From behind the


And walks gentle

To keep the mantle

Of a woman

Weak, humble and docile

A touch-me-not and fragile.


Motherly Instinct in Female Species: The Undisputed Law of the Nature…

Sheep Breeding Farm, Tal, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh


The Mother…

A fact dawned upon me in a very strange manner and I thought of sharing that with you all. I, along with my kids, had gone to Sheep Breeding Farm where, some years back, my husband was posted. During that visit to the farm we watched the young lambs, the really cute ones. Perhaps that impression was deep in my mind and when I found out during our recent visit that it was the lambing season, I wanted to recapture the magical moments of the old memories once again. Little did I know that this time another revelation would come to me straight and clear!When I went to the sheep shed I found very few eves, along with the young lambs too small to be sent to graze, to be there as almost all others were away for grazing in the open areas. The few left behind were the lactating mother eves, having borne the kid recently, some privilege indeed! The sheep yard was prepared for the arrival. The feeding tubs were full of the feed and the water tanks with clean drinking water. It was around 3:20 PM that the first flock arrived. It had the lactating mothers and some lambs. They all came running and jumping to the stall. The eves were heavy with the milk as their udder seemed so full of milk.

They seemed to have two conflicting emotions—to feed their young ones or to feed their own self—the first one dominated over the second though I could find some eves who were struggling hard to eat the feed as well! So very similar to human behavior! Some choice they had to make. I learnt that the motherly instinct, to love and care for the young ones and keeping self interest backstage, comes naturally to all females of any species. But can it be termed a sacrifice by any means?


Satiated and relaxed…

No, not a sacrifice, but another natural instinct to care for whosever needs care. And do the eves demand anything in return for the care that goes into feeding their young ones? Again a big NO! But we, the so called rational ones, demand the debt to be repaid in kind or any other manner by our young ones as a price that we put for all that we do for them when they need us. Selfish human beings! And then we say that we  have come a long way. A long way indeed!