Clutters charm me and Aarush…

Aarush, my grandson is at his happiest self when he opens and explores a purse, a bag or wide range of clutter around him. He busies himself so seriously in all that interests him. He extracts things from the bags  and watches them. His little mind explores things that we find “useless’ in a very critical manner. Perhaps in his little mind, imaginative use of all that material might be taking shape the way it does in my mind.Watching his random pictures I find this as a constant factor.

I wonder where has he got this habit from! Thinking honestly, I can announce and acknowledge publically that he acquired this habit from me. In fact we have a tradition of touching the tongue of the newly born child with gold immersed in honey and write Om with that. And it is believed that the child takes after the characterstics of that person. As I did this fro Aarush so there is no surprise that he has taken after me!

I wonder what he be doing today when Packers and movers would be packing all there belongings for a journey abroad. He must be the one most excited about the trip not because he knows where he is moving to but because he would be excited by all the paraphernalia spread around him! Watching this picture when he had become a part of all that lay spread in my room, I can imagine his happiness. I can even imagine my daughter shouting hard at him for being a nuisance when she has so much to do.  The mere imagination about him makes me smile though I am sitting miles away from him and the thought that he would be still thousands of miles away from me by midnight breaks my heart!

Ever since I posted the picture of the beautiful wall painting, I have been thinking hard of the cluttered closet nearby where from all sorts of paraphernalia would fall down if one is not familiar with the over flowing nature of the closet. I have been thinking hard that why do I keep on collecting all the clutter and keep myself busy in finding things in that clutter. i have in that closet clothes of all colours and fabrics-clothes that I hardly ever put on but never would ever think of discarding even! I tried many a times to get rid of the clutter but found to my dismay that whatever I would discard, I would need the same thing a day or two after. But can the done be undone? No, it cannot be and I would be feeling sorry for getting rid of some of the so-called useless things. So everyone can well imagine that my life revolves around these things which luckily for the visitors to my home keep away from public gaze!

Perhaps it would be similar life journey for Aarush, my grandson, who would be ushering in a new life, at a new place among new people, away from us who adore him the most–his grandparents! He surely had taken after me, and this thought gives me such happiness!

No Nappy makes Aarush happy!

If you find him happy rather exuberant, it is because I have stopped my daughter from putting on diapers on the poor little baby! He seemed really grateful to me which he showed by cycling his legs with much force and vigor and putting on his best “Close-up” smile albeit sans teeth! But such a bewitching smile he has that it puts to shame all the glittering faces of top models of “Close-up” to shame.

I am a bit uncertain about the use of diapers on small babies. Perhaps I am too old fashioned and obsolete for the modern life style or the comforts of it. But my grandson proves me right. The moment his mom would get his diaper off, he would be so happy as if he was free of some bondage. Yes it was a bondage. And carrying the weight of a wet diaper by a baby was not less than a torture!

I good old days that is in my days, we used to stitch “potda”, a triangular napkin to be used as a baby nappy. The special cloth to be used would be the old cover of the quilts which would be of the softest material! And these days my daughter brought the baby diapers of the best quality and would put one on the baby during night. A good way for the mother to have some respite but these moms don’t know that what they are missing. How would they have stories to tell to their sons later on how they slept on the wet portion to make the baby sleep on the dry side of the  bed! I really pity the modern moms as they won’t be able to “emotionally blackmail” their son by talking about the hard time they had raising him during the winter months when he would wet the bed so many times and she would change not only napkins but also sides throughout the night to give him a comfortable sleep!

And this reminds me of the “khandolu” that my Ma would make so lovingly for my babies. I could not make “khandolus” for my grandson but my Ma was there and she made three “khandolus” for him! I had kept all the used cotton bedsheets and bed-covers which were painstakingly put in a fashion to make the “khandolu” soft enough for the baby skin and also thin enough to wash off for sanitary purposes.

The old “khandolus”,  of my own kids, in my home tell so many stories. When one of them was damaged, I peeped in side and found so many pieces of cloth and each piece of cloth had a story to tell. One from my Ma’s cotton suit, or her dupatta or my father’s bed-cover. The colors were disfigured and the smell was old and rusty but the fragrance of old memories, they filled my present with, was marvelous.

So I am a no-nappies-nani, an old fashioned and obsolete nani by the modern standards may be!