The Ecstcsy of having reached the Parashara lake

Ours is the craziest family and, interestingly, we all share love for adventure. Though honestly speaking all the members of my family say that I am the ccraziest of them all. But I take this as a compliment beecause at this age i seem to forget everything else and behave like a child during all outings and this keeps me young at heart. Joking!

It was a crazy idea When we decided to go to Parashara lake on a very rainy day when it was difficult to walk the distance from the Rest house to the lake, it was considered insanity. But adventure is another name for insanity and we all packed up for Parashara. When we were about to have the look of the lake, we all became so very excited that we all behaved like excited kids little knowing that my son was capturing us on video. This is a cute video as it shows the enthusiam of all travellers when they reach the destination they have started for!

It had rained heavily that day and it still was raining.  We all were drenched with rain and water was dripping from our heads but our hearts were full of bliss. The muddy and slippery earth made us go bare footed to the lake and it realy was a pleasure. The mere touch with the sacred earth near the lake made us shed all impurity, if at all it was there. The ecstacy of walkng to the Parashara lake on a day when the water from above soaked us and water from down splashed around us cannot be better explained but with the help of the video that depicts it.

The exuberance shared by whole of my family resulted in such a display of emotions that watching this video I could not help exclaim, “Ours is the craziest and the weirdest family of all!”

What do you say about us?

And this is how the heavenly lake lookedlike!