The Multi-hued Clouds Overcasting the Sky…

The light seeping in my room changed to a golden hue which really surprised me and I rushed out in the open verandah. The light was emitting from the evening Sun that had a golden haze around it and the clouds over it made the filtered effect of light look plainly majestic. I rushed for my camera and was able to capture a few brilliant shots. Well, I correct myself, I think them to be brilliant.

The Indian Tricolour, in the golden hue, looked bewitching. And the Observatory House on the other side which we call Guest House also presented a heavenly picture. The myriad hues of the Sun added glow of life to the structures of stone. Strange are the ways of nature to show its power, brilliance and benevolence.

And just now when I looked at the sky, it was coloured in a different hue!

One thought on “The Multi-hued Clouds Overcasting the Sky…

  1. Saurabh Bhakri

    Brilliant shots, no doubt, captured superbly….
    your love for Mother nature .. quite understandable … and appreciated the way it is poured in your lovely wordings … and very beatifully complementing the great pictures taken in the evening, instantly …… Your hidden talent of photography is unearthed…, revealed… quite interesting …

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