Turning Fifty Four…

25 August, 2010


The day started like any other day. When I was sipping my second cup of tea and was enjoying all the gossips that my mother had to share with me, my elder daughter called up and surprised me by saying,”Happy B’day Ma!”

Till that moment it had not even passed my memory that today was my B’day! And neither did my mother seem to remember it. Later she felt bad and said, “Yes, you were born in Kala Mahina”. Then it was my second daughter who called to wish me Happy B’day! This time I was prepared and was not taken off guards the way the first call had done.

Turning Fifty-four today, I thank God for all that he has given me. I look forward to support and love of my friends, family and students and the graceful presence of God around me at all situations that He puts me in.

I thank each one of you!

3 thoughts on “Turning Fifty Four…

    1. shivani

      happy belated birthday ma’am!! i remembered it is on 25th aug but jus realized 2de is 26th. may God bless u wid eternal happiness n joy!! take care.

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