Happy Makar Sakranti to all!

14 January, 2010


“When is Lohri?” my son asked over chat. He had watched taglines of some others and wanted to know. I could read what was not written in the sentence. He was missing home and us but could not say so. We all pretend not to read between the lines when there is little that we can do in that matter. Today early in the morning my little one told him that it is “Maker Sakranti” today and we are preparing khichri! Khichri with ladlefuls of pure ghee used to make his mouth water. Each one of my kids had different eating styles when it came to Khichri. My son would make a heap of Khichri in his plate and hide a big solid piece of ghee inside that and would rapturously watch the ghee melt in hot khichri making inroads in the heap. He would then relish eating khichri dipped in this liquefied ghee! On the other hand my little one would love the hot ghee poured over her khichri and the crackling sound made by the steaming hot ghee over the hot khichri would give a very different taste to it. The eldest would be happy either way. She was not much demanding and had not many preferences as long as she had her fill of ghee!

“Achha” my son exclaimed. “which daal is used in making khichri?” he was curious. “Sabut Maah” said the little one. It was 10 p.m. in LA at that time but he decided, “I’ll go and bring ghee and Maah and would prepare Khichri.” Long after she found a one liner from him, “How to make it?” She wrote a long detailed instruction on how-to-prepare-khichri to him.

And just now we found a mail from him saying that he prepared sumptuous khichri and invited all his friends to have khichri at his place. He enjoyed his khichri with ladlefuls of ghee the way he used to back at home! I am happy that all the members of my family wherever they may be, would carry with them the values and traditions that I have instilled them with and it would be wonderful watching them celebrating festivals with such zest! Happy Makar Sakranti to all!

One thought on “Happy Makar Sakranti to all!

  1. Greetings to you Saroj ji. Here I am all unable to do anything after having plates full of Khichdi and ghee. It was my daughter birthday yesterday. We had a nice time as it snowed yesterday. By evening we had the pahari naach as it is a tradition of organising this on the eve of Sakrant.

    Have to travel to Gurgaon today evening. Getting ready to leave for Shimla by the Sunni route as roads are blocked due to snow here. Enjoying these moments of joy in bits I may say 🙂

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