Playing Nani and Telling Stories…

14 January, 2010


I am a great story teller! You name the matter and I would have a story to go with that. My kids, when exasperated of listening to all the stories that I would begin with, would say, “Why don’t you tell all these stories to your students in the class who would not only listen to these stories but appreciate you as well!” And as an aside would add, “the poor souls wouldn’t have a choice!” They were right. I  told so many stories to my students for all these twenty three years at this Institute and loved every second of my life when I was teaching then in my own unique way by telling stories and anecdotes,

But there were some nefarious designs going on behind my back and they were planning to do away with my job at the place where they on-the-surface talk, no shout for inculcating “human values” and “Global brotherhood” and in the month of June 2009 declared me “Unfit to be a faculty of the Institute”! The biggest dilemma that I had at that point was that who would listen to my stories! My children were big and grownups and busy in their own world and the world that listened to my stories was snatched away from me. But as I have said so many times in my posts God balances everything in our life and He is more worried to provide us with what we need then even we our self are! So it was the great blessing of God to make me a Nani in same very month of June, 2009! Can you think of any other such situation where the God sends you His benediction exactly at the time when you need it desperately.

During the past year I saw and felt very closely how the designs of the Almighty work where we all are mere players. And  the best part of whole episode is that my grandson is son to one of our alumni joins all the dots together giving it a shape!

So these days I am telling stories to my grandson and in a way am still connected to my student and by writing all these stories try connecting to all other students who, scattered in different parts of the world,  might while reading these posts listen to “my story”!

4 thoughts on “Playing Nani and Telling Stories…

  1. aarkay

    In Indian context, being a nani and a storyteller are almost synonymous. This is evident from the following extract from a famous hindi poem by Mathili Sharan Gupt.
    “माँ कह एक कहानी।”
    बेटा समझ लिया क्या तूने मुझको अपनी नानी?”
    “कहती है मुझसे यह चेटी, तू मेरी नानी की बेटी
    कह माँ कह लेटी ही लेटी, राजा था या रानी?
    माँ कह एक कहानी।”

    Unfortunately, my nani was a lady of few words, who did not talk much but this did not mean that she loved us less. Since my mother was her only child, and we siblings were her only grand children to dote on, she would show her love through gifts, sweets and also some money which we used as pocket money.She won’t utter any endearments Her beaming eyes would say it all.

    A very nicely written write-up with lovely photographs !

  2. Yupp, very much listening to (reading) your stories, Ma’am!
    And, foremost, congrats for becoming a nani besides being a respected teacher, passionate story teller, an efficient blogger, an ardent photographer, and what not 🙂

    I was a bit perplexed the day I got an invite from one Ms. Saroj Rajput on Twitter (the so-called ‘happening’ thing these days!!). With no profile pic or bio there, and the fact that I usually connect only with people whom I know or are who social faces, I was reluctant to accept the invite initially. Followed the few weblinks available on the page, and soon came to realize this invite was from no one else but Saroj Thakur ma’am of RECH (ooops… I mean NITH) 🙂

    Well, how you tracked me out is still a mystery to me ma’am, but I must say it was a very pleasant surprise. Further surprises were in the offering when browsed through your blog as well as the photoblog with those magnificent snaps showcasing Himachali grandeur, temples, lifestyle, etc etc. Never knew this aspect of yours. Must say, I share the same passion for blogging & photography like you and that it was ecstatic going through your blog posts, snaps, etc.

    BTW, the immaculate teaching style of yours is still remembered ma’am whenever our college time group discusses/ tweets/ shares old memories.

    Regards & greetings to you, your family and entire RECH (NITH!!) faculty

  3. pranay dogra

    we miss u too ma’am
    u were the best comm. teacher ever…
    and your stories were breathtaking….
    now as i leave college I’ll miss your classes the most…. as they were the only lectures I practically listened.

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