Pursuit of Happyness…

Yesterday my Little one asked me to watch a movie. Though I was not very inclined but once I started watching, I was deeply immersed in it. I cried unabashedly as I could identify myself with some of the situations–well not exactly the similar ones but the general feeling being the same.

Throughout the movie she kept her arm around me and would comfort me whenever I would start sobbing. I thought is it not the real Happyness when you have people around you who really love you. I am better away from the sham relationships in the name of friendship who stabbed me from behind and had the shameless guts of giving me a smile.

Thank you dear little one. I think these days we have a reversal of the roles when you have starting mothering me instead of the other way!

2 thoughts on “Pursuit of Happyness…

  1. DA

    Par Dharmo Bhayavaha. Be what you are, if you try to become someone else, you become nobody. Pursue the path you have choosen for yourself.

  2. aarkay

    one can smile and smile and be a villain-so said Shakespeare. Please Ma’am ,leave every thing behind and put up a brave front, come what may. Your doting children and scores of admirers sincerely wish happiness for you.

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