Back with a Bang…

30 July, 2009


It has been ages that I wrote anything, or to be more clear, wrote anything publically! It was a call from a dear student Ashutosh that made me resolved to write openly about all that I feel so strongly about. “Ma’am. you must write and expose it all…”, he said in a sincere voice. “if you don’t write, their purpose in taking from you what they so despise and are afraid of would be fulfilled”. How right he is. By not writing anything was I not helping them in achieving all that they wanted?

But on the other hand is my Little one who says that these people don’t even deserve my contempt as they are so vile so why to give them importance by writing about them, even if it is to despise them. “Don’t bring yourself to their level, it is awfully deplorable” she say.

And so far as I am concerned, I think of Howard Roark who says to Toohey, “I don’t even think about you” and walks away! So do I walk away and don’t write about them or do I expose their misdeeds or do I write but write with impersonal  perspective attached to my writings.

I believe that my writings will have some personal touch even if I try to avoid getting personal but then I am not a God!

May my readers advice me as what to do?

3 thoughts on “Back with a Bang…

  1. aarkay

    dear Ma’am,

    it is nice to see you are back with a bang and why not.there is no need to be exactly like Howard Roark as he remains a fictional character albeit from a novelist, none other than Ayn Rand ( who remains difficult for most of us to understand). we look forward to more food for thought from your forceful pen (or should i say strokes on the key board ?)

  2. Ashu

    Hello Mummy,

    I think these people are not worth your attention except punishment. How many time I have told you, please get out of this dark well (NIT). There’s hell lot of good institutes in this world. You deserve much better…you shouldn’t waste yourself there!

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