Today I am Fifty Three Years Young…

25 August 2009


It could not have been a better way to start this day for me because when I got up early in the morning, my Maa patted my back for being such a brave girl and wished me success in all that I take up. I was curling next to her in the bed and her touch made me feel like a small girl that I was 53 years back, cuddled in her soft lap, searching for warmth, love and safetly! And to be at Shimla, the place of my birth makes this day even more special for me.

It was by chance that my Maa had come to Shimla and I decided to sleep in her bed last night as she had had a surgery on that day. The morning was so pleasant as she wished for my happiness and success. Mothers’ wishes are like oracles out of the mouth of the God and I am sure of my success in all fields of my life!

Maa had an interesting story to share. She told me that she was admitted in the snowdon hospital for her confinement but had come home to Lower Bazaar  where my elder sister, barely one and a half years old, was left under the care of my grandmother. My Maa stayed home that night as it was raining heavily and my elder siister was wailing loudly when any attempt was being made to leave her home.

And I was born at home. My Maa says that I was a tough child from the childhood and would do things that children would ordinarily not do. What she tells about my childhood, makes me realize that i was a little different child. Is it true that one is born with a temperament and a behavioural pattern which may be modified a little but is difficult to change altogether? I think I was a born rebel. I still am. I hope to be the same so long this helps in making this world a better place–free from malpractices in the name of conventions. Amen!

5 thoughts on “Today I am Fifty Three Years Young…

  1. aarkay

    Congratulations for this very special birthday for the reasons so beautifully given by you- being near to your mother at your birth place. As they say in Punjabi- manwaan thandiyan chhanwan…..(mother’s love)-. and -soolan jamdiyan de moonh tikhe-(future promise).Best wishes, Ma’am!

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