Letter to My Little One–47


Monday Morning Sickness…

30 April, 2007

Dear Little one,

In the morning when you called me up and seemed so relieved to go to office, I was suddenly filled with memories of not a very distant past when every Monday morning would be so intimidating for me!

You may call it “Monday morning Blues” or by any other fancy terminology today but those were the times that such a word was not a part of our vocabulary and the nearest analogy that your Papa would supply it with concerned his Veterinary profession, an affliction in horses! And how could I blame him forsuch a comparison as this is what I would be on Monday mornings. I would be literally a walking Dynamite so much so that your Papa had to tell me about “Monday Morning Sickness” a disease that affects Horses as they find it difficult to get to the routine on Monday after having rested on Weekends! He would tease me for showing the same syndrome and would make me still angrier when he enjoyed a hearty laugh while giving me a helping hand in the kitchen!

I had so much to do in the morning—sending all three of you to school, your papa to his office and only after this I would think about my own priorities. Rushing to get something reasonably good to wear as I am not one of the kind who plan for the week meticulously; right to the detail of what to wear on what day! A hurried bath, gulping down a morsel of something edible, and an Olympian race between the kitchen and my room would make my Monday mornings so full of action! As there would not be any time so I would put hurriedly a Bindi on my forehead and some kohl in my eyes and these two have been the only make-up that I have ever used. As the number of the vehicles were not as many as they are today, I would walk, no, rather would run to the college and at 9 AM sharp would be standing in front of the class smiling broadly for having made it in time. Such a marathon would be my life on Mondays! I remember having asked my students to write on a topic “My life between 8 AM to 9 AM” as I wanted to compare my life with that of the hostlers!  But once in the class, I would forget about all the travails having gone through since early morning and would fall into what Management gurus call these days, “flow” though I never had any name for it at that time.

In a nutshell, I would dread the early morning rush on Mondays but would gradually take it up as a routine matter and life would go on smoothly for the entire week. But when you say “Thank God its Monday today!” you feel so for entirely different reason. You want to be back to some human companionship that you lack during the weekends and a part of you crave for that and is relieved to get it on Mondays! It is not only human companionship but also the work that you seem to enjoy that beckons you to your office on Mondays, it seems. Lucky are your employers. Suil Bharti Mittal of Bharti Group believes that one of the most important criteria for the success of an Organization is how enthusiastic its employees are on Monday mornings!

So dear Little one when you are enthusiastic and vibrant on Monday mornings that says something about the work environment as well. Nothing like “Monday morning sickness” or “Monday blues” for you and it sure is a good sign for your personal growth and the growth of the organization as well!  Should I should I not thank Google for that—you are the best judge to comment upon. LoveMa

One thought on “Letter to My Little One–47

  1. I really don’t think we need to thank anybody for this Maa! Its all about your attitude! Yes people around me say that Aushima doesn’t know what Monday blues are! Well I know but then why to let a “day” take control of my moods n all! Its me who should be in control, right? You and me have always been very different on this front-Planning!!!!Or maybe I still haven’t experienced that kind of life so am saying that! But ya no “blues” ever in life! Lets ROCK THE WORLD mommy!!![:)]

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