We Complete 29 Years of Being Together…


04 May, 2007 

Life Together…

 This day we complete 29 years of being together. It sure seems as a very long period and going by the number it seems so difficult to believe that it actually has been this long a period. It seems as if it was just some time back that we had started a journey together. KS was not a complete stranger to me as we had been engaged for complete one year before we got married and both of us “thought” to know each other well enough to start a life together. But, looking back I question myself, did I really know him well or for that matter did he know me well enough. The biggest question is whether I did know “myself”? We still are in the process of exploring each other and the various shades, both white and black and occasionally grey as well that we depict, make our life together still an excitement rather than a dull life that I see around in many families.To be honest our life has been full of excitement right from the day one. How interesting it is to find a life companion who respects you for being different from the run-or-the-mill kind of girls and supports you for that. From the very beginning our relationship was based on mutual respect for each other’s ideology!

5 thoughts on “We Complete 29 Years of Being Together…

  1. Hi Ma’am,
    I think my response is a bit outdated but not out of intent.
    Wish you a long happy married life…..:-)))
    (I don’t know whats more appropriate to write but still u can praise my spontaineity!!!! 🙂 )


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