Adding pep to my Life…

30 April, 2007

If I tell you what was I doing the moment you called me up…you would laugh yourself till your belly ached or perhaps you would feel serious concern for me! I had cleaned up the home, early in the morning, as I don’t sweep the home after someone leaves—and your papa had to go today. As  I had packed lunch for him so had breakfast and a working lunch almost ready for me as well but surprisingly it was only seven AM, too early to go to the Institute! I still had time to do something. With nothing else to do and having sufficient time to kill, it is the mailbox that comes to your help at such a moment. I opened my mail account, checked a few mails and then logged on to my Orkut account and surfed through some other Orkut users’ accounts—trying to peep in their life. I think the good old days when the neighborhood aunty kept a strict watch over what was happening in some others’ home are gone with the wind. These days the modern aunties keep a strict watch over others by just logging on to the Orkut account. I am planning to hold summer classes for all those gullible women of my age group who have no idea about having an Orkut account. How grateful they would be to me for having made them aware of the choicest and easiest way of keeping a vigil over others and that too without ever having been caught! I am really seriously planning to execute this idea and better still to have it in my name as who knows someone might steal this great idea of mine. I am sure that if all those women, who get a vicarious pep watching Ekta Kapoors family soaps, are once hooked to Orkut then god alone can save poor Ekta Kapoor. No one, no one I repeat, would ever be watching her serials. I am seriously following a very interesting happening in the life of a recently married couple and believe me it is worth all the time that I spend on the net. Some scraps that were exchanged were really collectors’ items. I am using “were” because the next day all of them were deleted as they spoke of more that the poor newly married bride was supposed to speak about! Pathetic, you will say it to be. Ever since the poor bride and her sister exchange nothing more than “take care” kind of scraps! And the “recently married boy” would never reveal more than what he can hide on his scraps—never even writes his contact number as if some kind of mafia is running after his life—so secretive is he that it gives me creeps to think of him as sane at the least! Some interesting story in the making! Now who would waste time watching Ekta Kapoor’s serials when there is so much happening around in the real life of people you know!Thank God you called the moment I was thinking of peeping in the life of some other family and I saved myself a bout of headache that follows all such peeps!

This is something else I have to thank Google for! 


3 thoughts on “Adding pep to my Life…

  1. God! I never thought you will thank Google for such a thing ever! Peeping into other people’s life! Not a good thing mom! These things are for those people who don’t have any other worth thing to do than watching those serials!! Com’on we have a life!! Whts say? 🙂

  2. hello madam!
    very well quoted example here, often these days i too find a lot of guys sitting beside me in the computer lab trying to read the scraps of others’ accounts. i guess they are too curious to know what is going on between their classmates(well i need not specify that they would look into the scrapbooks of “the opposite sex”
    and thanks to google for introducing this transparency in human life! and thanks to NIT HAMIRPUR for letting the “meddy’s” remain royale!
    because we just read the scraps of our accounts [:P]

  3. “….I was thinking of peeping in the life of some other family and I saved myself a bout of headache that follows all such peeps!..” Tells me that it is not a ‘peeping’ in a common person’s sense. It is peeping into the psychi — beneath the hard skull of the person and understand what is going on there.

    I too thank Google for making me reach to this blog page.


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