Bidding Goodbyes…

It was a tagline “Hate saying Goodbyes :(” that caught my attention and this poem came out, breaking free from all that we hold inside, hiding even from our own self!

March 30, 2007

The feeling, the sensation

demarcated and lucid

the pain, the strain

engulfing us all

of parting and bidding adieu

to one who was so dear.

The laughing lips,

smiling eyes

hide the drops

of saline tear

that tries hard

to hide and hold.

the real self

Sheathed under

the apparent bold

mask of indifference

placid and serene


matters routine,

struggles hard to

block and withhold

the precious tear

that the windows

to our heart and mind

don’t want to disclose

or even you to find

the memories

of loss and pain

that you leave behind

the hurt and strife

of the bleeding hearts

bidding you goodbyes.

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