Letter to My Little One–45


March 20, 2007

Dear Little One,

When you commented, though offhand, during one of our chat sessions, “I feel as if I lack bounce in my gait these days” I was really worried. Now when you are away and I try reading between the lines to get your real state of mind. I was sad for you my child. How can you lose the bounce in your gait? It is not just lacking the bounce in your gait or the vibrancy in your voice or spontaneous smile on your countenance but it is much more than all these put together. It is the real you that you might get away from and this is what makes me worry.

Get back the sparkle in your eyes and the bounce in your gait as I believe that at no cost, I repeat at no cost, you have to be like others. Be yourself—at all points of time and under all conditions. I am worried, worried because my Little one has so much to take care of and that too on her own. But it would make you admire and respect your own self much more that what you do today. I am sure long afterwards you, too, would have real life stories to relate to people who love you and I can almost see them listening to you, in rapt attention, with mouths wide open.

This will be when you, today, would be able to take a decision, without a counsel from us! A decision that would make your life different! Good or bad, I don’t know but certainly different from what it is.



2 thoughts on “Letter to My Little One–45

  1. You know what hurts the most maa,to quote your lines,” when mediocrity reigns”!You see people lesser than you getting more than you. Ya that makes me sad and I loose the bounce but then the most I can do is keep on doing my duty and keep on giving my 100%!!! And this will what I will always do!

  2. Ashutosh

    But we should always remeber that there are many other beside us who maybe better then us and they are still low to us. They also deserve better, So this is all life and some how the balance has to be maintained.

    So let be as it is, all we should do is try.


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