Do I Live if My Dreams Die?

 March 31, 2007

The promising lights

At the end of the darkness

The towering heights

Upward ascent

A sense of achievement

Disarmingly my own.

The dominion of dreams.

The distant goals

The trusting humanity

The reinstated faith

Bonding and unity.

Made me have a reverie

Inside the world

The making of their own

Of a lining silvery.

That enchantment

Brought up a desire

Buried deep

Dormant and lacking fire

Needing nurturing

With love and care

The softness, yet strength

At the minimum bare.

But the world

Shining and inviting

Seemed so aloof

Cutting cold and frosty

With glacial looks

And icy humanity.

Where my voice hushed

The seedling

Eager to see the world anew

Wilted, drooping down.

Suffocated, strangulated

With a muffled moan.

But not dead

Lifeless and gone

It still craves for air

Mountain fresh and clean

To rekindle the hope

Of a chance, a prospect

To endeavor and venture

Live and breathe

Another extreme

To dream and transcend

A life supreme!


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