A Day in My Life…

In the evening when I went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea I was really alarmed to note that this was my first real visit to the kitchen as in the morning I had just gone there to boil the milk! And can you imagine it was the first cup of tea that I was making in whole of the day!!!! That made me go thinking.

And some days back, kitchen was the only place in our home that reverberated all the time. Whenever anyone would come to my home he would find all five of us in the kitchen! The kitchen of our home is quite spacious but when all five of us are there, we just jostle each other while doing one job or the other. I would sometimes say to all others that they were impeding my movement in the kitchen and had usurped what by all rights was my legitimate domain! Such was the camaraderie that despite so much work that each had to do in the kitchen; all would be running towards it. I don’t know what made them love this place so much. We even decided to plan for our new home where we would have just one big kitchen where all of us would be during the day and make beds there only during the night!

So what has happened? All moved out one by one and I am left all alone in this big house. The elder one married, the little one away, the youngest away ion his own and the head of the family, comes on the weekends and straight way heads for the kitchen—his favourite haunt!

Today it was different. I got up and went to fetch the newspapers and read them from cover to cover. Wanted to talk to my little one but since she didn’t pick up the phone, I went to KD’s home for a while. Perhaps needed some human company. Though I was back in 10 minutes but by that time it was already 8-45 AM. Time to move fast. A hurried bath and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Having put the Tawa on the flame, opened the fridge to get the kneaded dough—God, there wasn’t any! Even the Bread container was empty. Putting off the burner, gulped a glass of milk and rushed to stand smiling and cheerful in front of my students!

I was feling drained in the class and since last few days, sleep had been evading me and now the food as well. While in class, I suddenly thought of the full wholesome meal that I had had last—it was perhaps when the little one and her papa were both at home. I promised myself to have a healthy lunch.

Time to go home during lunch hours. I was walking to my home when a car stopped by—LA offered a lift that I could not refuse as I had no energy to walk. “Come have lunch with us”, offered he sincerely. I wondered, “Do I look like a famished being or is he good at face reading?” I refused politely but when he again insisted, I went inside his home from where smell of freshly made chapattis had invaded my nostrils. My resolve to go home and cook something gave way to eat at LA’s home.

God what was happening to me? I had never been like that. What was I afraid of—was it cooking or opening the lock to an empty house whose kitchen was bereft of its life? Would I be leading such a life from now on—made me worried? I resolved to take control of my life and put my life on track once again with a promise that now on the memories of my own would make my kitchen lively and reverberating


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