Termites Eating Away My Books


It was while searching for a book that I opened my book case, may be after a year, and what I found was, termites eating away my prized collection. Never had I felt so bad on account of ant loss than what this realization gave me. I was sad, But the damage don could not be undone. What had been the loss could by no means be recouped. Why had been so careless about what  I prized the most, kept on nagging me and in order to find an answer to it, I looked back at my life as objectively as is possible for a human being.

The first culprit that came to my mind was my PC that had taken a fair amount of time out of my life. In earlier days, it was reading that kept me occupied but to my dismay I realized that I had not read any good book over the past few months!

The realization shocked me. Then what had I been doing all the while. I felt so guilty for being so careless. I was writing more than reading. Speaking more than listening. Capturing pictures on camera than enjoying the beauty of the nature. What had happened to me? Was it that I, too, had fallen a prey to the monster of Technology?

To get away from the depression that this loss had ushered me to, I started to look at some comic relief even in that situation. I was amused to find a group of termites relishing the page of one of my Management Books that explained Maslow’s Law of Hierarchy of needs! I nearly roared out laughing. The termites, it seemed, were more intelligent than us humans. Starting with the first stage of the hierarchy of needs, they had found shelter and food both in the pages of the book. And how cruel it was on my part to make them shed company of the great Psychologist? I wondered about the real use of anything worthwhile. As it was reading the book that served the purpose for me, for the termites it was eating it up. If it was the “word” that opened new visage for me, it was mere survival for the termites. So why should I stop them from eating up what was bare necessary for them, made me go soft on them. I was all in fumes for the damage they had done to my books but now I wondered that the book has been of some us to some organisms! And even if I knew everything about the Maslow’s Law, was it not also true that I had been struggling at the most minimum level of existence, by writing to the appropriate authorities to properly maintain my house by providing a cure for seepage and leakage that it suffered from? If such was the similarity between myself and the termites then what right did I have to kill the poor creatures?

I was full of remorse for being so selfish for a while and finding ways to extinguish the termites from my home but was it not the same that some authorities sitting smugly over my representations were doing as well? Wiser and enlightened, I let the termites feed on whatever they felt free to gobble up—my books, my clothes and my ego as well!

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