Visiting Pristine and Divine Lahaul

Had I seen this picture somewhere I would have thought, for certain, that the artist has painted a out-of-the-world painting by mixing various hues of paint to make his painting attractive and pretty, but the fact that this is not a painting but is a picture clicked by my amateurish hands, made me believe that Lahaul is a divine land where pristine beauty still is a gaze away from your windowpane!

The scenic beauty, whatever and wherever, would enthral my heart and soul. Whether it was the snow capped mountains, or the crystal clear water of the river, or the serpentine beauty of metalled roads, or even the rugged terrain of the rocky terrains, everything was just breathtaking experience.

Looking at the pictures that I have clicked, I sit mesmerized in front of my computer and relive the experience that the first look at that scene had generated in my heart. This particular picture was taken early in the morning when the morning Sun had just raised its head from behind the sky touching mountains. I had just got up and was strangely feeling very fresh despite a very arduous journey of the previous day. I looked out of the window and stood enthralled of the scene before my eyes. The multi-hued vegetation produced a strange mix of colours and the mesmerizing effect was too much for my city-trained eyes! Can a place be so beautiful, I kept asking myself, though to my hosts there was not anything very special in what I would babble about. Not only that this vegetation was pretty to look at but the medicinal effects of this vegetation of Himalayan belt are nothing short of miracles. The air was so refreshing  that I could feel the cool whiffs of air touch my very soul and cleanse it of all the dirt and dust that enveloped it. I felt like a new person. I would write more about my Keylong visit in my next posts as there is so much to share

3 thoughts on “Visiting Pristine and Divine Lahaul

  1. Queeny Singh

    Dear Saroj Ma’am, You are no amateur. Your photos are as expressive as your language flowing with emotions. You will be a wonderful travel writer. Love, Queeny

  2. aarkay

    Lovely Photographs indeed ! Here’s God’s plenty , I am tempted to say. Besides, I am reminded of the hindi film song- Ye kaun chitrakar hai – one of the best songs ever written to describe natural scenic beauty . I hope more such photographs will follow.

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