20102010—A Great Number Indeed…



When my little one said to me, “I looked so much like you”, it was the best compliment that I could have had from my daughter. I was elated. If your daughter respects you for what you are and loves the way you look, that is the best achievement of your life. God has been so kind to me in this part of my life. I remember another of our picture where both of us were in black chiffon sarees and we looked so much alike! And today on her B’day she chose to wear another black saree. It was not that she had mush choice but she had only this saree with her and that too courtesy her sister.

And before I forget to mention let me tell that we share another thing and that is our nick-name. I am called Kaloo by my parents and she was named Kaloo by me so that again brings another similarity common to both of us.

Well Kali is the name of Shakti in the form of destruction and I know that both of us have been instrumental in destruction what seems to us detrimental to the law of nature. So my dear little one, you not only look like me, you have developed your personality which is much similar to me. You got some of it genetically and some of it was acquired by my rearing which was unique in a manner. I, your Maa, wish the very best of life to you on your B’day! And thanks so much for coming in my life and being there for me as and when I needed you. More than being a mother to you, you have been playing the role of a mother to me and I am grateful to you for all that you have done for both of us.

Happy B’day dear!

One thought on “20102010—A Great Number Indeed…

  1. aarkay

    You can say “the Second Coming ” has been worth it. Need one say more !

    Happy birthday to your Little One and Congrats to you, Ma’am !

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