Thanks to my Students that I have Survived the Worst…

05 September, 2009

A very differernt experience I had on this Teachers’ Day and would write about it some other day. But today I would share something different with my readers, an email that touched my heart on a day when I really needed something to cheer me up! I am not giving any name of the sender but am copying the mail as my post on this Teachers’ Day in a way to thank all  my students who have made my life beautiful! Amen!

Thank you all!

Dear Ma’am,

It was at once heartening and depressing to read your mail. At the outset I would like to offer you my apologies and my congratulations. Apologies for not being in regular touch and congratulations on your daughter and sons excellent academic achievements. As they say like mother like children.

Ma’am, after 6 years of working one realizes that the world does not  move only on technical knowledge but also on parameters like imagination, attitude, ability to think beyond and further than before and the ability to be sensitive and mix with all kinds of people, listen to them and make them listen to you. I am saying this because what I found in REC was that instead of making us ready for the world and telling us to use our natural talents most professors stressed only on technical issues.

However a very small group which I can safely say included you, Anoop Sir and a few others actually stressed on all round thinking and getting us ready to face the world. That ma’am for Pandey and me is your achievement. Teaching and telling students (even if only a few heard it) on how to go beyond just technical learning and see the whole world, see how it is developing and what your role is and how your knowledge, skill and natural gifts can be used for this development. There are very few people who I could go and talk to straight at REC and you were among them.

Ma’am you always thought differently and history has shown that people who shift from status quo (history of Physics and Astronomy is full of such examples.. Galileo, Kepler, Newton etc) are always targeted as rebels/ disturbances and bad influences. Maybe this is a sign that what you had set out to do that is take your students beyond just our subjects and introduce them to a larger world has succeeded and that is why you are being targeted.

And that brings me to my second point ma’am. You are our teacher. You are a person who has taught us and I am sure taught your children to fight for what they believe in and succeed in this world.  Your self esteem has to be not just high but sky high because your students look up to you. Even to my mother I say that you are the artist who has moulded the future generation leaders and so be proud. As Lord Krishna said to Arjun keep fighting the fight, to win or to lose is not in your hands but mine … you just do your Karma….. Ma’am if you are not there REC might retain its brain but it would certainly have lost a large part of its spirit.

And in the end Ma’am whoso ever says that you have defiled the tranquil atmosphere at the college should be told to go and hang himself. Has REC been created to provide tranquility…. It has been created to fashion future technical leaders and believe me to create something new you need to have chaos, disorder and what people at REC would understand “entropy”. So you along with the rest of the faculty have the responsibility to create an atmosphere where we all have what is called constructive destruction….. And questioning old concepts is not defiling but “constructive destruction” if something better emerges.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to my Students that I have Survived the Worst…

  1. aarkay

    What a befitting Tribute to a teacher from her ex-student on Teachers’Day ! All the Awards announced and received cannot perhaps match the reward, these true feelings convey. Heartiest Congratulations, Ma’am!

  2. Tude

    In mortal world of us humans many forget the Greatest truth about our selves, the mortality of humans. In a blind urge to take control, to create tranquuility as per their definition they distance ourselves from being human and try to be GODs or Demi-GODs, and try to start plying with the lives of people and their minds. Mere presence of such GODs or GODFATHERS can be a reason for the mental harasment of the real tranquil minds who are around.

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