Blue-eyed-Babies of the Family…

Unfortunately none in our family is born with blue eyes! All of us have brown eyes! Did I ever rue that I was not born with blue eyes? No, never! But recently I have realized what wonder “blue-eyed babies” can perform only on the basis of being “blue-eyed-babies”! These are not the ones who are born with blue eyes rather they have very dark eyes but they are the “blue-eyed-babies” and get pampered treatment.


This fact dawned upon me recently when I happened to see some very secret and confidential files maintained by the powers that be. Boys! If you say I was shocked to see the truth it would be understatement. I felt as if the very life of mine was taken away from me and I cursed hard myself for not having being born with blue eyes!

But had I been born with blue eyes would I ever dream of becoming a “blue-eyed-baby” of the powers that be? I am unsure that I would ever had become the pampered child of the powers that be.

Now what benefits these “blue-eyed-babies” enjoy being the pampered and favoured children of the father of the family? The father is so very careful about the wishes, legitimate or otherwise, of these babies that he takes proper care to get his favoured kids what even they have started dreaming of! He doesn’t care for the rules, regulations, the laid down norms of the family but rather boldly and defiantly breaks them all. Rules are for the fools and the non-entities like me and you and not for the “blue-eyed-babies”!

Even before the “blue-eyed-babies” ask for some favourite toy or a game he places order for the same, inviting three recommendations! The recommendations that say that the “blue-eyed-kids’ are ready to play with these games and toys and they should be given these. Now armed with these faked recommendations the father is emboldened to play the game to give to his “blue-eyed-babies” what they have not yet earned but since he is bent upon favouring them who can stop him? The whole game is played in an underground manner. On the other hand the law-abiders and the rule-followers are sending legitimate request letters following laid down norms and rules to the father. But the father, in order to procure for his favoured ones, destroys all these legitimate requests by putting them to the waste paper basket. He doesn’t even think for a moment the hard work and the labour that had gone into the requests of the less favoured kids. The poor kids who were neither born with blue eyes nor were the “blue-eyed-babies” of the father!

The other poor kids, believing in the impartiality of the father, keep on waiting for the toy and the game that they believe to have earned but the father is busy manipulating getting all these toys and games for his “blue-eyed-babies”!

But when the distribution has been made and the other kids find it foul and unfair, they cry and rant at the injustice but who is there to listen to them? No on! One of the kids was different. Though he was not born with blue eyes, he was born with an undying fighting spirit. He just could not take the injustice and started to raise protest against the malpractices. What would the father do? He was mad as someone as weak as this kid had challenged his authority! But from all the accounts that i heard about the kid, he is still going strong.

And now when this kid has seen all the manipulations that have gone into procuring all the toys and games for the “blue-eyed-babies” his resolve to fight and to bring this to the notice of all those who hold the family in high esteem has become more firm.

But being a kid he is still vulnerable as the father holds power that he uses to harm the kid. Imagine doing all that to a kid who had only asked for all that he had earned. But since he is not one of the “blue-eyed-kids” so how can he have his legitimate rights in a family that has lost all those principles that made it strong once upon a time!

If something happens to this kid during this ruthless fight I am sure some of the readers reading between the lines would take the fight to the finishing line!



One thought on “Blue-eyed-Babies of the Family…

  1. “I am sure some of the readers reading between the lines would take the fight to the finishing line! ”

    This only line I could read well – but not between the lines! Anyway I am happy to be a black eyed.

    New blog template – the header image seems – you flying over the hills- with the support along with.

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