Telepathy that works between us…

14 October, 2008



I have a very strange bond with my kids. Whenever any of them is upset, I get a hunch. And incidentally this is both way. My kids, too, have telepathic quality when it comes to us. The chatting, that I had with my little one today in the morning when I was trying to play as normal as I could, depicts it. She could sense, sitting thousands of mile away from me that her Maa was upset. Suddenly she asked me this question:

Little one: aap theek ho mummy? (Are you fine mummy?

I assured her that I was fine and then asked her as to what made hetr think so to which her reply was that she had a hunch, an intuition:

 Little one: aise hi laga! (just felt it)

                  sachi na? (True, really?)


After a while she once again asked me about the college or something that might


have happened there:


 Little one: college mein kutch hua kya? (Did something happen in the   



Though I tried to reassure her but the fact was that I was really upset. It was early in the morning and I had just browsed the newspaper where news about some persons from our Institute having gone on a training programme had caught my attention. There was nothing unusual in the report except for the fact that one of them had written to me on record that “she cannot be sent to the training course as the training falls in the mid of the semester). We are in the mid of the semester even now but who cares? Why these double standards? I was sad for the dubious people and the proclamation they make to motivate others! What cheeks indeed! I never divulge these things to my dear ones so that they, too, may not undergo a pain but how wrong I was! My daughter, could sense that there was something that was painful to me though I had not as much as made a mention of it. And then I thought what right these vile persons have to shatter the peace of my family? They have no right at all and at the same time I am under no moral obligation to hide or shield their wrongs. Why should I? I think it is high time that the abuse of power by persons holding public offices needs to be highlighted to purge any system of corrupt practices!

Ime: hi

 Little one: mamma


 me: kaisa hai? (How are you?)


 Little one: theek hoon (Fine)

  kal mid term hai 😦 (Tomorrow is my mid term examination)

  aap kaise ho? (How are you?)


 me: achhi hoon (I am good)

7:51 PM achha (OK)

  ek letter aai thi (received a letter)


  Little one: kis ki?(whose letter?)

 me: fee of the course (for the course fee)

 Little one: CIEFL ?

 me: I’ll scan it and send that to you

7:52 PM no UIOWA

  Little one: haan do that (yes do that)

  cause Univ covers for that

  aap bejh do (you send it to me)

  i will get it fixed

  me: achha (OK)

7:53 PM today I’ll scan both sides and attach with mail

  chal tu achhe se padhna (OK you study well)

7:54 PM how is Chicago?


 Little one: pata nahin (Don’t know)

  kahin gaye hi nahin! (didn’t go anywhere)

  ha ha ha


 me: achha


 Little one: par Indians hi Indians hain vaha! (there are a lot many Indians there)

  hadd Indians! (too much Indians)


 me: achha (really?)



7:55 PM Little one: aap theek ho mummy? (Are you fine mummy?


  me: kis ka paper hai?(what paper do you have tomorrow?)

  Little one: International Business

  me: haan kyonm? (yes, why?)

  Little one: aise hi laga! (just felt it)

  sachi na? (True, really?)

  me: arre nahin (there is nothing)


  Little one: thake ho? (Arer you tired?)

 me: haan (yes)

  Little one: college mein kutch hua kya? (Did something happen in the college?)

  me: get tired

7:56 PM  arre nahin (nothing)

  kya hoga? (what will happen?)


 Little one: hmm



I think this is a pain that has travelled to my family and now is the time that I must do something to curb it. The fact that my lille one could sense my pain reflects two things, one that no individual is an island in itself and what happens to him affects all the people around him; and second that no public office has a moral right to harass an individaul to an extent that his loved ones suffer more than the one who is the object of hostile harassment.


I have put the private and personal conversation between a mother and a daughter on a public space to highlight the damage it has caused to the peace of my family members and inspite of that if I am supposed to play the Christ to forgive all the offenders, sorry but I am not a God!



2 thoughts on “Telepathy that works between us…

  1. malti

    Really nice to have stumbled upon your blog by mother too is from Shimla, in fact she used tio live on the mall road perhaps u would be knowing her,she was a sood prior to her marriage.
    Best regards

  2. varun

    its true… we don’t need to shout to make our loved ones know that we are in pain… no matter how much great the distance, feelings do get conveyed…

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