Happy B’day my dear…

25 July, 2008


It was on another Friday some 27 years ago when you came to my life on this very day. It is a very special day for me because I got to experience another role for a woman–the role of a mother, a mother to you my dear. Happy b’day for filling my life with many colours! May you be blessed with all that you wish in life!

Thinking of that special day brings to my mind a very vivid picture of that day. It was a very hot and humid day and I was heavy with you in my womb but dear I was as agile as I am today. Somehow I never learnt to be slow and pretend delicacy. And you, too, have taken this trait from me.

You came to my life as a small bundle of joy and I would gaze at your face  lovingly and at my mother’s face with a new warmth of love sweeping me. You taught me to see my own mother in a new light as i was to see what a precious relationship it is between a mother and a daughter.

You have made my life beautiful and fulfilling! Happy B’day to you my dear.

One thought on “Happy B’day my dear…

  1. Aunty ji,

    Happy Belated birthday to your daughter 🙂 . May all the good things come in her life and her family.

    Was away from internet, so could not read the post on day 😦

    – Prem

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