She has made us proud…

12 July, 2008


We got to talk about a girl student who has made us proud and when we talked about her I could not help thinking about some very small details about her which make her so memorable to me even after some 20 years!

A bubbling beauty who brought such vivacity to the campus! Would write later about her!

5 thoughts on “She has made us proud…

  1. Hey Saroj(i dont knw if i can call u that cos as far as i can predict or guess u r not of that age whom i can call by name directly so if u feel offended pls accept my apologies in advance)
    From this blog I knw u was a student of NIT-Hamirpur but dnt how u r related to it now.
    U knw mam 1 dream from now till next 605 days I will going to be there in NIT-Hamirpur for my post graduate in engineering.
    can v talk abt this institute i dont knw ur email id thats y i m including this here in comments i mean no offence dude.

  2. Yes Girish , she is… and a fantabulous one at that!!
    You wouldnt be lucky to have her teach you in the Masters course i guess, though you should still feel honoured to just be in the same institute.

    I hope the shoulder isnt giving you much trouble Mam. (Call it Serendipity – i found ur blog through orkut while i was searching for someone else’s blog… i am so glad i did. I have blogrolled you. Hope thats ok with you)

  3. Abhishek rajan

    Yeah Girish…
    as you already know she is a faculty in NITH and a fabulous one…….
    she is the best teacher we have…
    i was lucky enough to taught by her…

    mam’ i was searching for some one else and i found your blog..
    didn’t knew you write blogs…
    i am adding it to my favourites..
    hope it’s ok with you..

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