And she Cried…

This is a poem dedicated to someone who is very strong yet vulnerable. Aren’t we all???

 trekking-parashar-022.jpgAnd She Cried… 

Mountains stand proud and still,

Aiming for the sky.

Dry, hard and rocky stiff

With seemingly invincible cliff.

But from the breast

Opening the crest,

Water running down the hill,

Clean, sparked and cool

Quenching the thirsty soul

Tired, weak and frail!

No one questions

Even wonders

At the water gurgling down

Not aiming up to sky

Deep down it flows

Would I be like a mountain

Hard, stony and rocky stiff

Of would I be like

The soothing water sprinkle

Cooling the blithering

The scorched souls?

No one seems to see

Or taste or smell

The tears of mountain

Gurgling down

Quenching the thirst

Rejuvenated and fresh

All walk along!

Walk on and on…  

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