Stabbing at my Back…

03 July, 2007

Stabbing at my back

When your thoughts

Friendly gestures

Shared raptures

Had made me smile.

Thinking awhile

Of you and your

Compassionate care

That made me

Stand up and stare

At adversaries,

And to take stand

To uphold

The values and beliefs

That made us Strive together

On the path

To justice and reliefs.

Stabbing at my back

Did you not

Ponder for a while

Or could gather

From endless

Arguments and strife,

Debates and wiles

The good old time

That we shared together.

Why did you stab?

Killed and maimed

An entity

Immersed in you

A part of you

As a whole.

The bloodless coupe

The ruthless trend

Stabbing at the back

To move ahead.

Or I was a stepping stone

To move up and above

Meticulously used

And mercilessly thrown!

Disbelief, incredulity

Made my being

Look vacantly

And question almighty

Were you ever

My own my friend? 

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