The Story of REC/NIT Hamirpur—From My Eyes

Date of Writing: April 02, 2007


The Humble Beginning…

It was August 07, 1986 that the first ever Engineering college of Himachal Pradesh was inaugurated at Hamirpur. The state was heralded in a new era of Technical Education as it was not only the first Engineering College of the State but the first Regional Engineering College of the state! My journey in academic profession started with the journey of the REC Hamirpur as I joined as a Lecturer in English on August 08, 1986! So in a way we both have grown together experiencing the vicissitudes and the euphoria that is but natural for an upcoming body, a person or an Institute! My story would deal with the experiences that my mind would take me to… 

One thought on “The Story of REC/NIT Hamirpur—From My Eyes

  1. Kanav Bhardwaj

    I dont know if you would recognise me or not but I must say I really liked ur blog very much. Must say that you are an excellent teacher. Keep up the good job.
    Kanav Bhardwaj

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