A Girl Born Unasked For…

March 08, 2007

A Girl Born Unasked For…

Tall and graceful

With nimbly limbs

Wearing royal attire

A blue colored beauty rose

From the sacrificial fire

Captivating the sages

The Rishis

The learned and the wise

The commoners and the royals

With her bewitching smile

With her looks divine

Her chiseled features fine

In full bloom of youth

To balm and sooth

The craving hearts’ desire

Invoking lust and fire!

But a girl child.

Was she asked for?

As a boon

Or was it a mistake

Of godly design

To bestow Drupad

With a daughter divine

Was he happy

To have got a daughter,

Or cursed his fate

And the gods.

For this blunder.

Was a daughter

A burden a disgrace

A blot on his face.

He wanted a son

In the family

Brave and courageous

To fight and to maim

The enemy

And earn laurels and fame

But a girl child

He never desired

Would never have sired.

A voice from the unknown

Puts his troubles and woes

And anguished heart to rest

The girl would help

You to maim your foes

To kill your enemies

To win you all

A girl born

Unasked for


And undesired

Made his heart swell

As the divine voice

Did foretell

And proclaimed

The girl as a weapon.

Had it not so

Would he still

With fatherly love and care

Had embraced

Loved and acclaimed

The girl born unasked for?

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