Away from You…

March 13, 2007

Safe and secure

Under a Bargad tree

I lived happy contented

Blissful and free

The birds above in the sky

Flying freely

And aiming high

Visiting lands far and wide

Would never make me strive

To break free

Of the shelter

Of the Bargad tree.

Like a vine creeping

Up to gain more

Of sunlight and height

I would put

All my might

To rise up

Yet stay close.

And up I rose

Endeavoring hard

To remain connected

And jointed tothe base

That had helped me wade

My courage

And strength

Nurturing the needs

Yet sowing the seeds

To dream big

To stand tall

Strive and work

To attain it all.

Away from the Bardag tree

I still miss the proximity

Of care and shelter

Supporting me

When would I falter

Would make me feel

Secure and invulnerable

To all onslaughts

That make me reel

Stagger and stumble

Even today

Away from home

I hunt for and fumble

For the shadows

Of the Bargad tree

In the meadows

To stand by me

Through all time

When I feel weak

And take care of my

Very being.  


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