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Meet our alumni… 

February 13, 2007

It is a big day for Manuj, one of our alumni (Batch of 1997-2001), when he ties sacred knots with his life partner. I could not help traveling down the memory lane, gathering all the impressions, both old and recent ones, that I carry about him and put them in some form. As I have often mentioned that over a period of time, it is only the impressions of the events that we carry. Impressions—good or bad!

When I try capturing impressions about Manuj, a picture of a very tall and lanky boy comes to my memory. A boy who was the first one, in that class, to ask me for the Fountainhead and the only one who could not finish reading it in one go! And it was a surprise that after about 14 years when we met over net, he remembered it. It was a chance comment by Manuj that rekindled the old association and revive the relationship.

During my recent Hyderabad visit in December, 2006, I came to experience another aspect of his personality and the impression that I carry is really soothing. One fine day when we returned home from a visit to Charminar, I was pleasantly surprised to find him squatting comfortably on the mattress, spread on the floor, in my daughter’s room. It was the only place to sit for him. It was very late in the evening but Manuj wanted to take us out for dinner. It was Tuesday and I had my weekly fast when I don’t eat anything outside home but he would not just take a No for an answer! “You have to come, no excuses!” And as the next day we were leaving
Hyderabad so we agreed. He led us proudly to his waiting Black Beauty—his Ford! I was told that it is known as “Be(h)l Gaadi” by his friends! Its black upholstery and the HI-Fi music system made us rock! He selected a place to dine but as the place was full so we had to wait for some time. The little one wanted me to have a look at the Mall upstairs and now I found myself in a real trying situation. The escalators always intimidate me and that day I was wearing a Saree as well.  My little one was amused to see my predicament and walked up, laughing at me. My husband, too, left me to fend for myself. I was searching frantically for the stairs that I wanted to use to go up but someone extended his hand forward to hold my hand reassuringly and I clasped like a child to the hand—hand of Manuj. It was so comforting to be taken care of! I was happy and relieved. “Come on Ma’am, it is just normal” said he. Again while descending, he held my hand close and led me to the escalator!

And today when he ties knots with those very hands I am so sure of him taking care of the love of his life—his life partner. Though I cannot be with you at this moment but as I write this, the whole of my being prays for your happy future where you both provide help and succor to each other and seek support from each other without any inhibition and pretensions.
Wish you a very happy married life dear Manuj!

One thought on “With Best Wishes…

  1. Neelima Bahl

    I am glad that I am holding well-tested hand..:)

    I have read many of your blogs, referred by Manuj and your little one, and each of them has made me think about lot of those moments of my life which I have ignored though they were very important and significant and made me happy from inside.

    I appreciate your way of putting simple happenings with great analysis in simple words.

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