Letter to My Little One–45


Where is my Little Girl…

February 14, 2007

Dear Little One,

Today while we were having tea in the college canteen, we saw a girl, a student of our college, whose hair reminded me of you. She had left her hair loose and they looked beautiful. Black with natural waves and so fluffy! I thought of you and your hair and was sad. It looked so good that I commented and she, a little taken aback by such a comment coming from me, replied, “I could not get a clutcher so left them loose.” I thought of you. How brutal and merciless you have been when it came to your hair as if they are the ones to bear all the after-effects of your different states of mind.

Why is it that we inflict pain and torture to someone who has the least defense to save it from our wrath? Why do we have to show our power against the weakest adversary and not the powerful? You, too, had depicted the same perversity by being ruthless when it came to your hair. And the worst is that we nurture with care and love something and sacrifice the same when we have to show our power or control. But power and control over what? I really feel that when some parents sacrifice the interests of their children and sit placidly watching them suffer they, too, depict this strange perversity. And all in the name of love and their better future—the way you cut your hair thinking about the trimming of split ends would help in better growth. How strange the analogy seems but it is true my dear. I don’t know why today, of all times, am having all these weird thoughts. Perhaps it was the sight of the beautiful wavy black hair of that girl that brought to my mind the memory of your hair, albeit, once upon a time!

If you, too, would unwind your wrath on something that lacks defensive power, how could you be any different from those whom we call insensitive ruthless creatures? I hope that you would be extra careful and pampering towards your hair to undo all the injustice that you have meted out on them and help them regain the shining crowning glory, what is legitimately theirs.

When I think of your hair in all its glory, I am reminded of a fine morning when you were wearing that long red multicolored sweater and jeans. I remember it was a day when you were so excited as your Papa was taking you to his workplace that you so loved and I had left your hair loose with just one red string put on the crown—your hair looked beautiful! Today I was reminded of that bubbly and laughing young girl so full of enthusiasm and excitement. Where have I lost that girl? Can you find for me my Little one who was so different from the one who has usurped her place?   Love,Ma

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