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Thanks Google…December 20, 2006What does a mother want for her daughter if she opts for a job when it is time for her to be married off? I think if I speak for my daughter I speak for multitude of the mothers who have this issue to handle. When my daughter left for
Hyderabad to join a job, my only concerns seemed to revolve around—how would she be able to live in a big city on her own? How would she be able to look after her food? And more importantly how would she be able to adjust to a life in the corporate world when all she had was a small town upbringing? All my phone calls to her would have some common, oft repeated, questions everyday—“are you okay?” “Did you eat well?” “Are the people around you good?” The answer would be all the times in affirmative. My chatting with her would also give the same picture to me—the picture of a happy young girl. But I had still to convince myself. Driven by the dictum “seeing is believing” we planned a visit to her during the month of December. The moment my waiting eyes could capture her standing on the platform, through the tainted glasses of the compartment, they filled with tears, albeit the tears of happiness, as I saw a young girl—healthy, smart and confident waiving at me.
Hugging her closely to my bosom I uttered, “You sure have put on weight!” Though it was first time that she was at the railway station she led us confidently to her apartment and the pleasure we felt to be led by our little girl was immense indeed!She sure was in good hands at her work place as the confidence and the feeling of well being exuded from her. Though I knew about it but seeing her bubbling with enthusiasm made my conviction strong–convictions about her being surrounded by good people. I thought of a day—a day when I felt helpless. It was on a day when my Little one was not in her best of the moods that I realized something great about the role that an organization can play in the personal development of an employee. How could I know sitting thousands of mile away from her that she was sad? I just can sense her state of mind even from far off and even if she would not say about it. Perhaps the strange connectivity that I have for my kids and can sense their discomfort from even a distance did the trick. That day it was the tag line to her name on Gmail that seemed to shout “Damn Tired” and I could understand about her state of mind! Whatever it was but the truth remained that I, too, was a bit restless. I tried chatting to her and get to the reason for her lowly mood but could not get much out of her. The second option was, of course, calling her up and talking to her. Even this was futile as all these mediums of connectivity have their own limitations. I was worried about her but could do nothing much about it. I kept on watching at her tagline and got more and more worried. This was not like her. Even when she was in worse situation she would not let anyone know about her sagging spirits. In the afternoon her tagline changed to “Faith reinstated” and I could sense her mood by the song numbers that she was listening to. The mother in me was so relieved. “You seem happy”. “Yes, I am”, she wrote back. It so happened that one of her seniors watching her in a low phase talked to her in one-to-one manner and alleviated some of her concerns, howsoever irrelevant they were. I was so relieved that there were people who had such empathic attitude towards the junior employees. I thanked God and thought that as mothers cannot be present everywhere to comfort their little ones so God made empathic and caring employers!Another day the coordinator of the team had heart-to-heart talk with her and shared many a things with her to make her see life reasonably and logically. I am so happy that she took over the job that was so difficult for me to perform. As my Little one shared almost everything about her life with me I was able to appreciate all that her work place was doing to uplift her both professionally and personally. It was no surprise that the change that I was able to notice on my first look at her at the railway station was the handiwork of the people working in an organization that believed in the dictum “Don’t do evil”! This organization practiced what it preached!I always hoped her to explore her talents and potential which was possible only if she was groomed as a good human being. I believe that if a person is not happy with his own life how can he bring about a positive change in the lives of people around him. My Little one was happy and I was sure that she would spread more happiness around her. 

As many of her colleagues lived in the same residential complex I could meet them and the meeting put to rest many of my concerns about her lodging and I was happy that she was in good hands, surrounded by good people. We were to leave on December 20, 2006 and were happy and satisfied with the choice she had made. One of her colleagues invited us to join them for lunch that day and meet other members of the team as well. And we went to our Little one’s place of work. The exterior as well as the interior was magnificent! It was a pleasure to meet her team members. Everyone was so glad to have us around and made us proud by accompanying us for lunch. We really felt honoured! Surprisingly everyone kept on repeating the question after introductory ice breaking, “How did you like our office?” Though the beauty and the pre-Christmas decoration was fabulous but more than the beauty and the comfort that money can always afford to have it is the beauty of human relationship that I search for, even in the working environment, and honestly speaking the office had it in abundance. The team seemed like a big and close-knit family and careful about each other’s needs and problems. No doubt that the personal development of the employees remains the top of the concerns for people at the helm of the affairs. Where else would you find your seniors concerned about you when they find you not being in your usual good moods? Where would you find a senior who would share his own experiences, both personal and professional, to boost up your sagging spirits? Where else would you find your parents being accorded the same love and respect befitting only your very own? Where would you find a manager who could laugh heartily in a good humoured manner when I blurted out something very personal in an informal way? I am happy to leave my daughter in the hands of people who are caring and have instilled in her a sense of belonging for her place of work and organization she works for! And above all a sense of self-worth and confidence in her capabilities! What more a mother could have asked for her Little one? Thanks Google Hyderabad. Thanks Google for everything! 

4 thoughts on “Thanks Google…

  1. sarwat

    Hello Aunty,

    We were also pleased and delighted to see you at Google. Aushima is in good hands.No worries at all! you are really a wonderful mother and Aushima has to be like you. We hope to see you again in Hyderabad.



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  4. Puneet

    Just saw this post by chance and really touched to see the feelings of a mother as her little one transforms into a corporate employee. Many parents are not so vocal about their feelings but I am sure thats how every parent feel.

    God bless you and Aushima!

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