Colors, Music and Love Make my House a Home…

My home, these days, reverberates with fun laughter, music and love. And why would it not when the soul of the home is with me these days. It is Bon Jovi’s songs that give company to our endless gossiping and the whirring of the sewing machine that matches our buzzing. Life is full of color these days both metaphorically and literally. There are colors all around me. Different hues of silk, cottons and other dress materials and the matching threads surround us and we feel drowned in color. What more could I ask for in my Little one’s life. My “house” seems like a home these days. We have buried deep all the books as we have so much to talk about and why should we read when there is so much of real fun in life!

But I dread the day she will go back, as go back she must to the place she belongs to. Does she belong here—I don’t think so. It is just a phase a rest-a-while place for her as she has to go away. I would once again be alone with memories of colors and the good time that we are having these days and once again I would start waiting her to be online so that the green blink sign fills me with the sense of connectivity to her once again. I would find life in all the relics that she leaves behind, may be a small piece of cloth or thread here and there in my home. But I love you for being what you are and happy to see you full of jest for life and its colors!

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