Letter to my Little One-23


Listen to your Inner Voice…

November 22, 2006

Dear Little One,

I don’t know why I have an inner urge to write to you so frequently these days. Somehow I am being driven by an inner urge to reach out to you and write whatever I could not say to you when you were near to me. You were so very right in your observation that the distance has rather brought us closer, even closer than we ever were. I relate to you these days on equal footing, on one to one basis and that has given a new definition to our relationship. Isn’t it beautiful! The proudest moment for a mother is when she can talk to her daughter freely without any pretension—may be without a mask–you may add.

But at times I feel that you are still vulnerable and a small girl that needs my constant presence and counseling to you. You may be, for the while, away from the shadow of the “Bargad tree” but get away if you can. J

I had an inner urge to write to you at this point of time when, in fact, I was writing something else, I suddenly thought of you. Perhaps you need me or want to talk to me and the like. I know I cannot be there with you all the time and for whole of your life. But my dear little one, trust me that there always is someone with you, call it your inner voice or your guardian angle. Remember “The Alchemist” who talks about the guardian angle and the dreams as well as the omens that help you get the message of the gods. Remember how we listened to all this intuition earlier but were drowned by reasons and logics later and to what effect!

Learn to be guided by your intuitive power. Intuition is the direct perception of the truth that is independent of any reason or logical basis. It is all about your gut feeling about how you see things, may be in a fraction of second. Later the more we analyze an event or an action, the rational mind comes forward with all reasons based on our references, past and present. But the intuition is the most innocent and purest reaction that your soul transmits to you. Develop a habit to listen to your gut feeling and you don’t would need anyone else to seek guidance from! Remember when you were a small child and I was not home when you had to take an important decision, you must have based it on intuitive power though at that time you didn’t have a name or label for this feeling. But unfortunately when we grow up we start discarding all this as a primitive way of seeing the reality and are guided more by reason because this is what everyone else is doing and is glorified for—being reasonable and logical—a rational being! So my dear Little one learn to listen to your inner voice and the first impression, as they would guide you the best. Intuitive guidance would help you read not only your feelings in a better perspective but also of others about you. Trust these intuitive powers.

Another way to seek guidance is to learn to interpret your dreams. Listen to your dreams and try understanding the message of your dreams. You know it well that I always leave it to my dreams to help me out of a situation whenever I find it too difficult to handle on my own or it makes me make a judicious choice between more than one options. And you know it too well that my dreams have always been the guiding mantras for us. I want you, too, to start listening to your inner voice. It is the voice that has no reason at all but is based on the gut feeling. I know it can be wrong at time as well but the misjudgment is not on the basis of the wrong intuition but in the wrong way to decipher it. We are humans and are apt to err. Many a times we choose to read what we want to read and not beyond and that prove to be our Waterloo.

The night dreams speak to us in “Wild Woman’s language” wild but prophetic, but we need to listen to her! How true this is! All we need is to listen to our voice, the voice of our soul! I know there would be moments in your life when you would have to take decisions without ever consulting any one, don’t ever think yourself to be alone at those points of time as you have a soul, that takes care of your actions. All you need is to listen to it. You may discard it all as an old woman’s ramblings but dear this is what I needed to say to you.

I need not elaborate this as you know how prophetic my dreams have been! I sleep with a prayer in my heart and mind the day I seek answer to what troubles me, and I am sure that I would get some clue. I need to interpret that clue as it is not a simple answer but is again conveyed in a puzzle like manner. You, too, need to develop a knack for reading your dreams as the dreams don’t lie. They speak the language of our heart!

I hope that next time you would not come with logical reasons for taking a decision but would be guided in your pursuit of happiness by intuition alone, the language that women know better than men! J

Now don’t start with that being alone I have become jittery, nothing like that, rather I feel I was never any more sane!



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