Letter to my Little One-22

My Little Beauty Queen…

My Little Truant…
November 21, 2006
Dear Little One,

Do you remember the time when I captured this prized photo of yours? I t was a day when we had gone to your Chachi’s place. And your chachi adored you and you, too, in turn loved her. There was some function and we all had gone there and when we were to come back, you simply refused to accompany us. I was distraught as I had never left you alone at anyone’s place earlier and more so as I thought that your chachi would be busy and you nay not feel left over.  But you were just impossible and neither my pleadings nor my anger could budge you from your decision to stay there. But you did us a favour, walked a little distance with us. The sun was setting and the evening golden rays of the sun made you look so captivating. It was the feeling of freedom of being away from me that radiated charm to your chubby countenance. This is sense of freedom does to an average human being as well. I could not leave without capturing your expression on the click-III camera that I had in these days. The setting was perfect and so was the subject and the result is marvelous. You were at an age when to pose for a photograph was just unheard of. No, I am wrong it had nothing to do with age. It had more to do with the childlike innocence maintained by kids of those times. I find that the modern day kids of this age pose like professional models the moment you aim your camera in their direction. But at least kids of that time had their sanity and innocence maintained. It is all thanks to non-availability of the cable TV!

This photo reminds me of so many things. Look at your hair. In fact they were cut short but you wanted to have two pony tails and see carefully how you have got them! Two ponytails (if at all they be called so) trying hard to entail all the loose hair but failing miserably in the job. And I feel like laughing aloud thinking how pretty you must be thinking you to be looking in this hair style. Today during our chatting when you wanted my counsel as to what to wear for the Christmas party, I thought of this picture. Today what others think about you has become more important for you along with what you think about yourself. But during this picture it was only what you thought about yourself that set your self-concept, and I would not be wrong if I say that you thought yourself to be very pretty! J

And why would you not have such a thought as you had put on a new frock. It was a deep maroon and white frock with frills and design on the top, a beautiful frock. You thought yourself to be not less than a fairy wearing that frock and why would you not as your competitors were the village kids! They must have made you feel special and you wanted to savour the glory of such an acclaim.

The sparkle in your eyes speaks of the free mind that supported your body. Your twinkling eyes are naturally shining without any artificial eye make up! It proves that eyes are the windows to ht soul. A look at these eyes and I forget about all the worries of my life. There is not an iota of worry in your eyes. Nothing like the present day generation kids who flutter their eye lashes much to th mirth of their parents as they feel it to be an accomplishment! Your eyes show how happy indeed you are. Contended at being what you are.

But today when you have to go to a party where you would be competing with others, may be, much better dressed than you, would you have the same mindset as you had at that me. No. You would not have it. This is what Blake’s poems “Songs of innocence” and “Songs of experience” deal with. It is the world of the innocence that you radiate in this picture and today any of your picture, howsoever natural it may be called, would reflect the world of experience!

I love this picture as one of my best as a photographer and one of your best as the subject. No camera, howsoever digitally improved, can capture such an expression! Similarly you would never look more graceful, captivating and fascinating in any of your photographs of later times!



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