A Bigger and Brighter space opens its welcoming door for me in Shimla

I was having dinner sitting on the double bed in a room….surrounded by all happily beaming faces around me! Such a sumptuous meal it was prepared with love and offered with much affection and without any affectation. . It was the home of one of my acquaintence in Boileaugunj. She was pleasantly surprised me to find me at her home and in the true Simla spirit had welcomed me with open arms and loving heart.

The house, small though it was, beamed of warmth…..and I thought of the cold and shady office room that left me literally shivering in those corridors of officers of thd court!
The family wanted to serve me dinner in the small drawing room but I wanted to have it with them,….sitting cross-legged on the double bed…with a plastic spread to act as dedicated dining space….and how homely it felt. The warmth of pure love permeated every pore of my being. I slept with occasional dreams of hiding myself from black coats flying in the air all around me.

The morning was Sunny and bright. I thought of the onerous task awaiting me….walking uphill from Boileaguegunj to IIAS both literally and metaphorically!!! A great ascent indeed. I had to plead my case and submit my jointing if permitted as it was much beyond the permissible limit of delay. Another crusade!
IIAS looked splendid in the morning Sun…do.ineering but not daunting. Once again I thought of the contrast between the sunny bright, open, green verdant IIAS and the dark and shady small impersonal rooms that I had visited the previous day. Clearing my mind of all negativity, I sat before Mr. Ashok Sharma, the PRO who was empathetic to the core to listen to my predicament. I told him everything. He was quiet for a moment and then said, “Please meet the Director ad he alone can decide on your joining the Institute” and then, after a little hesitation, said, “please don’t tell tbe details of the Disciplinary case to him.”
I was shocked to hear it but then it slowly dawned upon me…..the gravity of the allegations I was charged with!! CATCHING THE DIRECTOR FROM COLLAR…how could a sane person be not afraid of such a woman….who knows when she eiukd catch him from the collar??
Oh….what they had done to my honour? Back at my eorkplace I never had felt the enormity of the allegation as everyone knew about the falsehood of the charge but outside my workplace….Iwas not any less dreadful a creature than Phoolan Devi!!
Shrugging off these obnoxious thoughts I went to meet the Director IIAS in his office! The open wide smile, the warm assuring hand shake….holding my hand for a few more seconds…. transmitting positive vibration to my body and soul….I found myself unburdening myself of every detail to Prof. Peter D’Souza, Director IIAS.
“Don’t give up…fight your battle.” His words made me go weak….all my resolve to be indifferent was shaken. Such kindness after such a long time and especially the impersonal interactions the previous day was too much for me to take….I was on verge of crying but wisely left the room before tears would run down my cheeks, uncontrolled and unbridled!
And on First of July 2009 I joined IIAS as a Fellow….barely 05 days after I had received that “Office Order” saying I was not fit to be a teacher!!
Strange are the ways of God….if someone closes a door for you ..He opens another one for you….better and bigger!!!

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