Peeping at the world of my father through his words…

When I put my hands on the Agni purana, I held it with love, delicacy and affection as it was a relic of my childhood days. its paper had yellowed, the cover had given way but the inside paper was intact. i was lovingly going through its leaves when suddenly I came across some papers inside it. as I have always believed that you can come across treasure kept secretly in big old books, with abated breath, I unfolded the papers and looked at them.

I was dumbfounded when I looked at the paper as it was in my father’s handwriting. How could I ever forget long and drawling hand that he wrote in.  The paper was sanctimonious. My father has been dead for more than twenty-one years now and holding in my hands a paper in his handwriting moved me a lot. More surprise was in store for at the revelation that this paper held. It was my father’s official communication after he had joined at Head Post office Simla in March, 1947, some five months before India became free! The fact that the paper was more than 61 years old and the ink he had used to write in was equally old, the letters on the paper were bright and illuminated the way my father always had been!

I went through the paper and two things struck me at the very start–one was the impeccable style of writing that he had and the handwriting. As a teacher of English, I always look for mistakes in any write-up so unconsciously I was searching for one in my father’s official communication  as well but amazingly found none! There were no cutting, no overwriting and no mistake–grammatical or otherwise. it becomes more important when I think that his only grouse with life had been that he was not able to continue his studies. He wanted so much to complete B.A. but had the satisfaction of having completed only F.A.! But he always wanted us, his kids, to do our best in studies and did everything possible within his means to see to it.

Holding the letter in my hands I was able to peep at the world of my father through his words! The old world charm, held in Agni Purana, opened up a barrage of emotions in my heart which I promise to write shortly!


6 thoughts on “Peeping at the world of my father through his words…

  1. aarkay

    Really Ma’am it is a gem or a treasure from the past. Wonder, how most of them wrote alike. My late father’s handwriting bore great resemblance !

  2. Saurabh Bhakri

    Thanks ma’am for sharing a piece of history .. the treasure hidden in the sacred scripture. To be held in much care ..preserving for future references.. generations in the family.. as now there are several means to store .. be it a scanned copy even, cd, on email, as to be cherished in the times to come…the rich past of the lineage..

  3. Bandana Thakur

    touching indeed….!!
    really,, todays wrold has missed the charm of pen……….all set by computers. ppl had forgotten how to write..all they kno iz how to type.!! still this post is awsm..i realised nw.. wat treasure it is..thnx mam..thnx for dis post..!!
    simple…emotional…touching n captivating wid itz informal style…

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