Is there something great about 10-10-10…



10 p.m.

I am just wondering what is so great about the day except perhaps for the numerals that are so unique by their numbers. Looking back at the day I am trying to find something great about this special day. So I tried to analyze what did I do that was uniquely different from my other days? Well, yes, it was different. Today we went for a very long drive. We went to Sandhole, a place some fifty kilometers from Hamirpur and the road was anything but smooth! But the pristine beauty of the nature all around did wonders and more than compensated for the bad road. I have taken some pretty shots of river Beas. And some other good shots of life in rural India. And above all I listened to wonderful stories of past. On the whole there was not something very special but I feel as if this magical number would herald some good phase in our life. Amen!

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