Happiness on the Anvil……

Three pair of eyes,

Each having seen

The stand taken

And provided,

The much needed

Moral strength,

Watch together

Anvil of tomorrow!

The new day

That heralds

And promises

The best of everything.

Each pair of eyes

Succeeds in putting off

The watery veneer

That covers the pupils

Having seen

The worst of mankind!

The warm smile

On the lips

Of three faces

That look towards

The tomorrow

When colours of

Vibrance happiness

Awaits to greet them

To accord

A warm welcome

With arms wide open!


One thought on “Happiness on the Anvil……

  1. aarkay

    Dear Ma’am,
    भले ही तीन जोड़ी ऑंखें विषम एवं दुखद परिस्थितियों की प्रत्यक्ष दर्शी तथा भुक्त भोगी रही हों , परन्तु मैं या मेरे जैसे आपके कई प्रशंसक व शुभ चिन्तक आपकी प्रसन्नता को चिरस्थायी देखना चाहते हैं !

    आमीन !

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