Baba Balaknath Ji


Another visit to the shrine of the Baba Ji yesterday to say our thanks for his mercy. My heart bows to realize the greatness of Baba Ji and the trust that binds people coming from far and wide. Be it the NRIs visiting the shrine or the rustic commoners, all have the faith overbrimming their very being for the Baba Ji.

Watching young boys in designer clothes, creeping all the way to the shrine, shows how faith still has its impact in the life and hearts of the young generation, fed on the staple diet of MTVs! It sure is the enigma and the mystic power of the unseen that brings us all together.

When we started for the shrine yesterday, we never realized the kind of rush that would be there. it too my husband six hours to stand in queue to have darshan of the idol. I am grateful to him foe having given us the chance to have his darshana as a thanksgiving ritual. Everytime that I go, I have more to see from him and great as he is, he fulfills all my desires. My heart and whole of my being stands humbled in front of his greatness.

May the faith of the people and their trust keeps up the tradition of paying obeisance intact!

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