A Small World Indeed!


“Good afternoon Saroj Ji” this is how a recently acquainted person greeted me on Gtalk. A small exchange of pleasantries and I was addressed as “Ma’am”! And after a while the most unusual thing happened, I realized that I was an “Aunty” to him!


You must be, as we both were! It is a small world indeed that we live in. This realization came to me today when I chatted with a relatively stranger and after a while the person turned out to be someone whose parents were quite good friends, many years back.  Incredible but true!

It so happened that one of the persons who commented on my blog about Himachal asked me to join a forum for Himachalis. I was more than willing to join such a forum. During chatting when he came to know that I was from Hamirpur, he exclaimed, “but I too have spent early years of my life in Hamirpur!” And it came out that he lived close to the place where we lived during my initial phase of life in Hamirpur. And in an instant, I was able to connect to this person whom I had seen barely as a small kid some 19 years back!

It is really surprising that these days some old and forgotten relations are being revived and reconnected. Even he was taken aback. But since he was a child he could not remember. He was curious. We talked about some common family friends and his father whom I held him in high regard. It is strange but true that on way of life, you meet many a people, new friends who vanish sometimes and some old ones whose memory was not there, resurface suddenly.

By the time we parted chatting; we had developed many new goals in common and were best of the friends. It is really a small world indeed and internet has redefined the boundaries of human connectivity in an altogether different manner. In one of my blogs, I rued internet for robbing the peace from our life and today I felt just the opposite. Nothing is absolutely good or bad but it is the use that makes it so.

And when I told my kids about this strange thing, one of them remarked, “that aunty had a toy ship made of coins displayed on one of the shelves!” Though I don’t remember it exactly but it must have been there as kids don’t forget fascinating objects easily. Thanks Varun for re-establishing my faith in modern connectivity and childhood references as well.

2 thoughts on “A Small World Indeed!

  1. hello aunty,

    please tell your kids , that toy ship made of 5 paise coise still exists.

    It has managed through the ravages of time.

    with warm regards

  2. Saroj Thakur

    Hi Varun,

    This substantiates my belief that the childhood impressions are the lasting ones! When I tried explaining to my daughter about you, this was how she remembered your home.And yes, she mentioned about the 5 paise coins as well. Time takes its toll on so many things except memories!

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