Together We Move Ahead…

The 4th of May, 1978 was the day that we started a journey together. And today we embark on the 29th year of our being together. Looking back, I find that time just slipped away. I don’t even remember where and how this time has gone and that too so fast.


As  I had nothing much to do today I went to bring out our marriage album out of the cupboard. The red cover of the album with a picture of a bride being carried to her in-law’s home  brought about a feeling of nostalgia in me and suddenly I wanted to relive all those moments captured in black and white. Shedding it of the dust that had accumulated over it, I opened the pages lovingly. I was shocked to find that moth had started eating some of the pages. How careless had I become of this album! Thank God our life has not been as static as this album and moved ahead where there was neither time nor an opportunity for dust to settle over it or moth to eat away a part of it.


A very interesting memory came flooding to my mind when I opened the pages of the album. Once when all my three kids were very small, they would look at the pictures and would be peaceful for the time being. I would get respite from the little truants for some time and would hand over the album to them to ponder over. I overheard their conversation and was surprised to know the level of wisdom they possessed. One of them asked the other—“where are we in the album, though Maa takes us along always?” Pat came the reply from another one—“She must have left us with Nani as she does when she has her examination.” Really a very intelligent answer! And I really shudder at the thought what the answer would have been had they been born in recent times, fed on the knowledge acquired through soaps on TV?


Yes, it was true. I never left them except when I had to owing to the numerous exams that I appeared in after my marriage. This journey ahead has such pleasant and unforgettable memories. The kids just happened. But we never regretted anything. Life just moved on with many ups and downs but looking back, I find that God has been merciful. While reading “Alchemist”  recently, I realized that answers to many queries and doubts that assailed me even today, had been brilliantly answered to in the book. I understand that everything happens for a reason and to make peace with yourself, you just have to accept all that comes your way. I really wonder how we kept on accepting all that came our way and move ahead through the journey of life without much malice against anyone.


I am happy that along the way, we didn’t spend much of our life energy in futile exercises and used it in productive activities. May God help us to move ahead together being a support to each other at every step. Amen!

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