The Deception that words Play

You like someone for the lofty ideas that he presents with the help of words  and listen to him open mouthed for being different from others but is it really true?

Do words make a man or is it the ability to put those words into practice or to stand by those words that really make a real man? I have come to a strange realization that never trust a man who says a lot about being different from the general as all men are same when it comes to the real life.

So you talked about preaching and the practice and seem to be worried that the world could be a better place if the religious fanatics could have learnt the lesson of applying to life what they actually preach. Remember your post on “Da Vinci Code…’. I feel like laughing aloud to re-read your post and to see how shallow you seemed in this new light of the knowledge when I was to see through you. Do you think you have any right to pass judgement on the issues that concern the society when on a closer look you don’t even have guts to set your own home right. And you talk and write about lofty ideas! Some cheeks indeed!


Have you ever questioned your right to use certain words that look so deceptive on your lips now when I am able to see the real you. You are just words and no action. You really don’t have any right, whatsoever, to use those words.


Now onwards in each of my post I would be mercilessly dissecting every fabric of your language to show, if not to others, at least to you that what you are. Had you been just one percent of what you always claimed to be, I would have been happy to have trusted you. But today I feel like been betrayed by words. You were just words to me but now when I find that even the words that you used were bereft of any truth, then I really wonder what you were? Do you have any entity? I am sad for you as you yourself don’t seem to know that you are just “nobody”. A person having no stand over what he preaches and practices, has no moral right to claim his being a living entity. When it comes to religious fanatics about whom you seem to worry a lot, they at least have a benefit of doubt because they deal with numerous persons of society and may not be able to convince all. But in your case it was purely your action that would have made the diference and you failed miserably to translate your words into action.


You deceived us with your words and I would do whatever is possible within my means to make you realize the shallowness of your existence. A “nonentity” in the real sense.


Break up your silence


My hope in humanity

was shattered;

my thriving self and soul

severely battered.


Not that I don’t understand

why you did that all.

But a small gesture

a trivial message

could have alleviated the torture

that your silence did to me.


Where words fail a man

where lips become mute,

can we still retain

the delicate bond so cute,

that bonded us for sure

In a web of emotions so pure


But it broke down

and broke my heart along

that believed in humanity

in all its purity

to bind people together.


Words bonded us

in a relation so sublime.

But your silence broke up

a relationship built over time


It takes so long

to trust an unknown

and was it wrong

to nurture it with care

and then one day

to see it cruelly blown

to bits and parts, to injure

the soul, heart and mind

that your silence made it suffer.


What made you silent?

Was it awe or fear

or your loving ones tears

That closed the channel?


No one would ever tell

or share

whatever went wrong?

As your silence

has made me mute

and a relationship

has died a death.




Brought about by

Your silence.



Death of a Relationship

Why do we mourn the death of a person only? Is human life the only one to die? Is it not the law of the nature that human life has to come to an end one day, then why to cry! I wonder why no one thinks about the death of relationships that bind us together. Relationships that need not die as they are above the laws of the physical existence.


I have seen recently a bubbling and lively relationship die an unceremonious and untimely death and this is what makes me question the death of a relationship. Now is relationship not an intangible thing and therefore its birth, growth and death is neither seen nor is mourned for in case of its death. No one writes obituaries in memory of a dead relationship. But I would do what others don’t do and critically analyze the birth, growth and the death of a relationship that could have survived. I would also critically analyze as “objectively” as possible to see whether this relationship was worth all the effort in the first place?


This relationship has had an untimely death and lies deep in its watery grave in the waters of the
Pacific Ocean. Such a tragic end and that too when there were efforts to bring this relationship to a cordial and befitting stage of further growth. Who are the persons responsible for this death? What are the factors that worked to see its death? Or in the first place the relationship had the seed of self destruction in its very being? I wish I could know the exact cause of this incident but as there seems to be no idea about it, I will have to go by my speculations and come to a seemingly logical end. “In Memoriam” is dedicated to the cherished memory of a relationship that died unceremoniously.