A Gaze from behind the Gauze…

Sunday,12 December, 2010

Amma was sitting in a chair outside my home. The Sun rays of the morning time made her face shine in a glow that made me fetch my camera. Amma was busy talking to one od my neighbor and friends and she would not look at me or my camera. Recently she has become shy of camera, I don’t know why? But undeterred by her stance, I clicked some pics of her without her knowledge. And while watching the pics I found them to be beautiful  shots as the focus in these pictures is not on the subject but on the dialogue between age and youth, between experience and adventure and between hope and belief!

The iron gauze has acted as a filter to distinguish between the chaff and the grains and I could see a new-look Amma! A new dimensional Amma!


Amma:The Real Source of my Strength…

Sunday, 5 December, 2010

Talking to Amma in the morning and listening to her, full of life, banal details made me suddenly realize that here is the real source of my strength. She always has stood for me and is there when I need her. Her benign presence around me has always filled me up with a new courage. Whether it was when Nidhu, my eldest daughter, was blessed with a baby and I was all alone at Hamirpur to look after her, Amma came all the way travelling a distance of over 100 kilometers on a motorbik eas she could not wait a second when she knew that I needed her. Or whether at the time when I had to go to Shimla to consult a lawyer but could not leave behind Nidhu with a young infant, Amma was there so that I could be free to go to Shimla. Amma has always provided me with strength and courage whenever I seemed to dwindle and weakened!

I know where I have got this strength from. My courage, the stamina and indomitable spirit comes from my Amma! Though I was always closer to Bauji and was always his favourite but looking back I can see clearly that it was Amma who was the force behind even my Bauji.

Like all small girls I, sometimes, would hate Amma as she was so strict with us. She still is a perfectionist and does the things in a manner that puts to shame all the youngsters. Recently I have been able to see another aspect of her courage that makes her the most revered person in my life and I can say loud and clear that the genes that made me so strong, come from her!

Amma, I simply adore you!