Gratitude towards “Officers of Court”… My beloved Simla and one and all of you…

Gratitude towards “Officers of Court”… My beloved Simla and one and all of you…

It was quite difficult, not easy at all but since I had studied Mahabharata for my Ph.D., I would get strength from its characters, or the latent strength lying un-awakened inside all of us!!! Draupadi may seem to some of us us as a woman who was victim of attempted disrobing in the Sabha but for me she remains the epitome of courage who would, despite that humiliation, stand proudly questioning her legal status!! The first woman to question the all-knowing elders and gurus…What is dharma? By dharma she meant what was right?
I, too, wanted to question it…in the courts of law!

Bhishma , the Kuru scion, had replied,

“What a strong man says is dharma, a weak man may have dharma on his side, but who will say so?”

And this was what had happened in my case at my workplace. No one had listened to my grievances, my complaints….from the corridors of my workplace to the power corridors of Delhi, every public authority remained impassive. Who cares about a feeble lone voice of a weak person? No one listened to my plight…my files in the corridors of power at Delhi were lying unattended. Later on, as per RTI information, I was informed, were untraceable!!! Vanished perhaps in the maze of power intrigues!

My only chance was to plead my case before the Hon’ble court. This was my chance, my only chance!

As in this CWP….my job, my financial status at stake was to be argued about, but above all these it was my honour and self-esteem…my dignity as a woman rather as a human being that was to be redeemed. I was not in the court merely to get my job back but my focus was on the false accusations that I was alleged with and to bring those to the light.

On the final argument day, I decided to plead my case before the Hon’ble Judge, in person. He was kind enough to allow me though he advised me that I may not be in a position to deal with legal points. I decided to tell the truth….my version of the truth and leaving everything else to his noble wisdom. He listened to me for about or more than three hours, exclaiming at around five, “We would continue it tomorrow…” I didn’t know anything about the legal process and was afraid initially but everything was so simple and smooth once I started. When I walked out ….a young girl, in black coat, came to hold my hand. I don’t even know her name but I am grateful to her. Another senior advocate came to me and said, “You did very well!” The best was when my friend, as is customary to call the opponent advocate, gave me an encouraging smile. My brother, sitting at the last bench of the court room, came forward and took all those files from my hand….files that had all those papers from my black bag! And he said, “Didi I was on verge of crying ehen you were fumbling to find papers in the file!” I, too, controlled my tears and both of us walked to Baljees to enjoy our coffee!!

The truth that I learnt is that everyone is basically good at heart but some circumstances make us behave in a bad manner. For an advocate it may be professional requirement to plead for their client, guilty or not guilty, but my own colleagues at my workplace had no compulsion at all….it was their easy way to higher echelon of hierarchy…. even if they had to put their feet on the dead honour of a woman colleague. That hurt me. The men in black coats were merely doing their job.

My wait for the final verdict started with abated breaths. The Judgement came after a long delay of 123 days. I spent those 123 days under much anxiety as I had no choice but to wait.

The “Office Order” of my compulsorily retirement was set aside. I was back in job….though with some observations made by the court. But what I rejoiced at was the sentences which proclaimed, ” She had neither caught….from Collar nor had abused him”…”it was an improvement made in the charge-sheet!”

I was vindicated…….My stand was vindicated
All power to those who seek justice and to those who deliver it!!!

And much gratitude to all the friends who read this all….love you for your love!! Simla, like the womb of my Amma had proved, all the times, my succour, support and strength!!!! Three cheers to Simla and people of Simla!!

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